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Never limit yourself in anything.
Be the strongest, the bravest, the brightest.
And be the first in your field to use new powerful tools.
What are we talking about? Monstroid!



What is Mostroid?

It’s a huge WordPress theme which can fit for any type of project including e-Commerce and basically contains all the features invented in web design so far.


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Top 10 WordPress Themes Combining Visual Appeal and Usability

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To present yourself as a knowledgeable blogger, your web resource should be maximally informative. However, the content isn’t the only thing to focus on when it comes to retaining people on your platform. In addition to extensive information, the appearance of your site also matters in building a loyal base of readers. If it isn’t pleasant to look at, no one will strain their eyes to read what’s written there. Thus, you should make sure your resource is visually appealing to make a favorable impression on everyone who enters it.

Since it requires a lot of skills and efforts to create a stunning design from scratch, you are advised to turn to ready-made templates. To help you find a professional solution for your site, here’s a set of the top 10 WordPress themes compiled according to users’ feedback and number of downloads. Employing one of them on your platform, you will give it a distinctive touch to catch fancy of the audience. As the templates listed below are powered by WordPress, you will have an opportunity to edit them in any way you like so that their designs could match the requirements of your blog eventually.

The days when mobile phones were used solely for communication are long gone. Today, many people browse the web via these devices, that’s why your resource should have an impeccable look on any screen, whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. And responsive design of our templates makes it possible. Due to their mobile-friendly layouts and other page elements, you will easily generate more mobile traffic. Look through the best responsive WordPress themes featured in our post and choose the one that meeting your demands. Here we go.

Personal Page WordPress Theme


The first theme from our set is primarily meant for personal blogs of any subject area. Its gorgeous images alternate with content sections ensuring better visual perception of information and comfort of browsing through a site. As green call-to-action buttons stand out against the light background, they easily grab attention of readers.

* * *


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WordPress Child Themes for Dummies

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A child theme means that the theme inherits functionality of a parent one and thus you can modify the design or functionality in accordance with your needs without changing the parent theme. Updating the parent theme you preserve your changes. In order to create a child theme you need to create a theme folder and put the style.css file with the corresponding title.

The convenience of the child theme use can be easily explained by the following example:

Having bought a nice Responsive WordPress theme you got a great number of pages, widgets, shortcodes, settings, themes, etc. And now you are to change a color scheme and add couple of visual tweaks.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Using an archive with a ready-made theme (if you like puzzles you may try to make clear of its structure)
  • or

  • By means of a child theme. This way will be discussed below.

Child themes… what are they?

WordPress Child Theme borrows its functionality from a parent one and you can edit as you wish. The parent theme is a core – the framework. All visual changes you need to apply will be done in the child theme.

It is rather simple to work with a child theme. Just create a directory by using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides, put a properly formatted style.css file in it, and that is all!

There is a “Template: parent-theme-dir” header, so you can find the child theme without any problem. Being not an expert of HTML and CSS you can still create a basic child theme. Modifying the styling and layout of a parent theme to any extent you will save the files of the parent theme from any changes.

You will find the child theme inside the WordPress folder wp-content/themes. The name may differ, still it will contain the file style.css


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Free WordPress Restaurant Theme to Boost Your Online Presence

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A nice restaurant manages to surround you with its charm and pleasant atmosphere proposing you a well thought-out design, good service and delicious food. To recreate this aura of relax and hospitality we propose you to start your online project by means of this free website template. The designers did their best to please and impress you with this dark colored Free WordPress Restaurant Theme enriched with vibrant red elements and creative texture used as a background. You can easily turn this lovely template into a prosperious website. Stop hesitating and use it for your rapid online presence boost!

The jQuery slider demonstrates the featured items from the gallery catching attention and proposing good visual examples of that possible comfort and pleasure your clients will discover visiting your restaurant. Well coded and easily customized this template will be the shortest way to your project startup.

Free Website Template

Just download the whole package of Free WordPress Restaurant Theme (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Build your online presence with a few clicks choosing this attractive website template.

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WordPress – Web Design Trends and Tendencies in 2012

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Constant development causes constant changes. They come into our life becoming its natural part and in a short period of time they stop causing surprise because some new innovations are already knocking at the door. New techniques influence our world bringing new trends and demands. The website theme development is a bright example of the words above. The year 2012 has brought obvious changes in design and Internet technologies that we are glad to discuss here with you. New and powerful devices which very often exceed the power of desktop computers are offered for our consideration with amazing speed replacing one another. This caused the need to run two options of the website “full-size and a slender one” for mobile devices and as a result the appearance of responsive web design that changed all previous criteria and standards. The same reasons were in the nature of  a sudden HTML5 rise  (supported by mobile platforms) that pressed the positions of Flash which appeared to be too heavy-weight.You are welcome to discover more information regarding WordPress Web Design Trends of 2012 – just follow the link and learn more about this year tendencies.

So, lets have a closer look at the most popular WordPress trends 2012.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Fluid grid based websites are those that are the most needed and used nowadays. They adjust various screen resolutions and don’t destroy their valuable content.

The main screen resolutions are:

desktop layout (980px);
tablet layout (768px);
smartphone layout – landscape (480px);
smartphone layout – portrait (320px).

CMS & Blog Business WordPress Theme

Green WordPress 3.4

* * *

CMS & Blog Business WordPress Theme

Green WordPress 3.4

* * *


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