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Hello guys! To find a proper web design for your online business is not an easy task. Even more complicated task is to create it by yourself. But we want to save your valuable time. Get rid of the dull searching over the net! Today we are glad to present you – the Web Design Templates Resource #1! You will be amazed with a great amount of different Web Design Templates to any taste. The handy searching of this site enables you to find a relevant web design within a several seconds. The navigation is really simple: nothing complicated – only the best Web Design Templates that are waiting for you!

Website Design Templates

Browse these professionally made templates right now and also don’t forget to check Free Website Templates as well. So due to the great variety of high quality website design templates you will definitely find something proper for your business and promote it in a flash! What are you waiting for? Grab your visitors attention – just choose the best website design for your online project now!

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Negative Space in Web Design

Today we are going to speak about Negative Space. Lets start from the definition. Negative Space is the empty space within the actual space. So what does it mean? It is such a space that is not used, for example between different elements on a web page, the area between text blocks, images, columns, paragraphs, lines, letters, and words, headers, footers, and just about everything else on a website.

Negative Space

The other name of negative space is White space. Don’t be confused with this. Negative space is not restricted by the white colour. The term “white space” simply came from the printing practice in which white paper is generally used.
Professional web designers need to take into consideration both: positive and negative spaces. It is very important to use properly negative space in order not to overcrowd the layout. Densely packed web themes are not comfortable for your website visitors, it can even scare away your potential readers or customers. (more…)

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How To Design a Logo Effectively

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Every company has its own graphic expression which demonstrates the company’s policy to everybody who wants to see it. Logos serve to improve product’s and company’s differentiation among substitute goods and market participants. And if you don’t have any special symbol for your business then your products are nameless. Nice looking and well remembered logo is a primary element of a company image. And if it is a good logo it will help to establish strong relationships between your business and customers and provide company recognition whatever and wherever it does.

So if you are going to start a new business then undoubtedly you need to have a perfect logo design. It does not matter would you use a text label or graphic elements only. You may combine any crazy things you like but the whole construction should be understandable and unique. Unpleasant embarrassment can happen if customers will interpret your idea in a wrong way. So be clear while creating a logo and you will not have any troubles with your company’s graphic expression in future.

How to Design a Logo

To help you avoid a mistake in the early beginning of your business TemplateMonster has prepared a very useful information about some tactics and considerations that might help you to design a logo effectively and painlessly.

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Beautiful and Unique RSS Icons

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I bet you’ve noticed that most blogs come with RSS icons. The case is RSS icons are used to indicate a site offers one or more RSS feeds. So a better part of webmasters, particularly bloggers put RSS icons on their pages to tell their visitors they have an RSS feed available.

Although, a lot of blogs and websites use default RSS icons, the most creative webmasters add unique RSS icons. If you are thinking about updating your RSS icon and don’t know what to start with, we suggest you to see different RSS icons we could find on the net.



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Football Websites – Common Features and Differences

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Super Bowl XLIV has come to a close but you have a chance to say good bye to it. To do so, we suggest you to browse a collection of originally designed football websites. These websites are listed in the article that is called
Top Designs for Football Websites – Tribute to Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl 2010 winner is the New Orleans Saints and we congratulate the New Orleans Saints on their first Superbowl title!

Just as Super Bowl XLIV should be attended by every football fan, football websites should be seen not only by football fans but also web designers, especially those who plan to build similar websites. After all, there can’t be too much sources of inspiration!

San Francisco 49ers Website

football website


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