Must read web design blogs

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Web design newbies are always looking for new web design tips and professional advices. It makes them read different web blogs and online magazines which explain the basics of web design. Unfortunately there isn’t one book or web blog which includes everything we need to know about web design. Web design knowledge is stored in hundreds of articles and is widespread all over the web. So one should surf the web and find useful online resources.

Hoping to save your time has recently published a useful list of 70 Resources Professional Web Designers Choose to Follow. All websites are subdivided into 2 categories: organization websites and personal websites.

Authentic Boredom is splendid example of personal websites. An experienced designer and speaker Cameron Moll uses this site striving to share his web design knowledge with others.

Core77 is an organization website which comprises various web design content such as web design articles, discussions, interviews, and etc.

These resources are just some websites you should visit in order to be a comprehensive web designer. The links to other resources may be found in the above mentioned post.

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Add beauty with Photoshop tutorials

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Are you a fan of Photoshop? Would you like to learn a lot of useful tips from Photoshop tutorials? I’d like to show you the right direction. Read the article about Beauty Retouching Photoshop tutorials and find out for about 70 Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials will teach you the basics of Photoshop as well as show some extraordinary abilities which Photoshop gives its users. Here are some of beauty retouching tutorials:

If you want to learn how to make someone’s skin look really amazing this tutorial is exactly for you.

Creating shining hair becomes really easy as soon as you read this tutorial.

Want to decrease someone’s nose? Read this guide and go ahead.

Whitening teeth and eyes won’t take you a lot of time as well in a case you are attentive to this tutorial.

Being the beginner in Photoshop techniques you’ll greatly appreciate advices on Photoshop retouching.

I’ve high lightened the most popular tutorials but you can find a lot of others having read the above mentioned article. As soon as you read or watch beauty retouching tutorials you’ll know how to improve the way someone’s skin, body, eyes or hair looks like. So making nails longer, eyelashes thicker, adding eyebrow piercing and etc won’t be a problem for you any more.

No doubt Photoshop helps us to hide weak points and make the strong points more vivid. Photoshop was created to make us more beautiful. At least on pictures 🙂 Let’s use these possibilities!

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How to create website design from the scratch

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I bet a lot of you guys wouldn’t mind to learn how to build websites. No doubt clear advices are well appreciated. So I’d like to share some useful tutorials with you. These tutorials clarify what one should do in order to create a websites. I think it’s great that web designers don’t mind to share their knowledge with us.

The first tutorial teaches how to create a website design which looks exactly like this.

The second tutorial explains how to create website sub pages in Photoshop.

Note both tutorials are step by step guides with self explaining images. You’ll start from the very beginning and end up by ready made web page designs.

Some people download web designs for free, the others buy them from templates providers. You can learn how to create website designs yourself. Would you loose such an opportunity? I don’t think so. And what is your decision?

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Free Video Tutorials

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Do you prefer learning web design with the help of video tutorials? Would you like to find a good resource for Free Video Tutorials?

Seems is exactly what you are looking for. offers a lot of free video tutorials on different software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc.

The collection of video tutorials represented at this site is constantly increasing. Currently it includes video tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash 8, Adobe Premiere and much more. These tutorials will be useful for the beginners who want to learn the basics of web design. Anyone who wishes to improve already existing skills will also find very helpful.

Free tutorials which can be found at are divided into such categories as 3D Max, Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, Cpanel, Acrobat5&7, etc.

The tutorials are interesting to watch and they are free! So in a case you want to gain knowledge without paying for it is a perfect site for you.

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Web Design Library: when designer enjoys reading

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Web Design Library is a splendid library for every designer. It offers a great number of web design articles, tutorials and guides. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced web developer or you make your first steps in web design Web Design Library will help you enlarge your knowledge.

Web Design Library is well structured so you can easily find an answer to any design related question. There are such categories as Web Design Basics, Photoshop, Vector Graphics, Flash and SWiSH, 3D Graphics, HTML and CSS, Web Programming, Site Maintenance, etc..

Site Maintenance section relates to domain name registration, hosting services, web promotion, search engine optimization, etc.

Free Stuff block includes design accessories, sounds, flash elements, 3D objects, etc. Design accessories in its turn are subdivided into Icons, Photos, Fonts, Clipart and Logos.

There is also an interesting Miscellaneous block which is subdivided into two sections such as Software Reviews and Web Design Interviews. It seems the titles say for themselves.

Web Design Library also provides links to different tutorial websites which offer PHP/MYSQL tutorials, HTML/SCC tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, Flash tutorials, etc.

Web Design Library is easy to browse because it has a powerful search form. So it becomes easy for everyone to find any tutorial in the shortest time.

So visit this site and let Web Design Library teach you all you need to know about web design and website development.

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