10 Excellent PHP Tutorials to Enhance your Skills

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Hello there! It is a well-known fact that PHP is the most popular programming language used for various creating various web products and executing different tasks. It is hard to imagine any website that hasn’t any line of PHP code in it. This language delivers perfect functionality and flexibility to any web project. We are glad to present you interesting and useful PHP tutorials that will help you to improve your programming skills. These materials cover various interesting topics and we are sure that even experienced web developers would some useful information here. Now let’s take a look at our collection and of course don’t forget that sharing is caring so, feel free to spare a word about our post on your social media accounts.

1. Get User IP Address Using PHP and ActionScript 3



2. Object Oriented PHP: The Basics



3. Learn Object Oriented PHP Step by Step – Classes and Constructors



4. Learning OOP in PHP ASAP!



5. “Who Is Online” Widget With PHP, MySQL & jQuery



6. Thorough PHP Functions Tutorial



7. PHP for Beginners: Building Your First Simple CMS



8. Using the Dribbble API with PHP



9. Using the PHP Include Function to Template Faster



10. Twitter API: How to create a stream of messages Monitter-like with PHP and jQuery




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