50 Free Grunge Textures

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Without doubt Grunge Textures are among the most modern textures in contemporary web design. Cool rusty elements, rough textures, decayed elements from these textures can hold our attention for ages. So the process of creation of effective design for your project can be much more easier if you will use some ready made solution from our collection of 50+ Free Grunge Textures.

Free Grunge Textures

We do our best to save you valuable time and money and are happy to share with you this enormous selection of 50 Free Grunge Textures of premium quality. Just browse these amazing textures and choose the most proper for your project. Feel free to add some zest to your design with a help of these attractive Free Grunge Textures! Don’t forget to drop us a line as we are glad to read your comments.

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Negative Space in Web Design

Today we are going to speak about Negative Space. Lets start from the definition. Negative Space is the empty space within the actual space. So what does it mean? It is such a space that is not used, for example between different elements on a web page, the area between text blocks, images, columns, paragraphs, lines, letters, and words, headers, footers, and just about everything else on a website.

Negative Space

The other name of negative space is White space. Don’t be confused with this. Negative space is not restricted by the white colour. The term “white space” simply came from the printing practice in which white paper is generally used.
Professional web designers need to take into consideration both: positive and negative spaces. It is very important to use properly negative space in order not to overcrowd the layout. Densely packed web themes are not comfortable for your website visitors, it can even scare away your potential readers or customers. (more…)

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The Most Conspicuous Blog Design Trends

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Not so long ago there were times when blogs were just simple pages on the web. They did not pretend to be something special and outstanding. It was just a manner of self expression and some sort of communication. But those days are long gone.

Nowadays it’s not only the way of self presentation to the Internet community. From the small means of entertainment for individuals blogs have turned into a total obsession. A new huge online industry grew around blogs. And as any sphere it has its own leaders and trendsetters, fashion trends and lows of life. There is a great quantity of different platforms, plugins, themes, widgets and manuals existing for all kinds of blogs. So it does not matter whether you are an advanced developer or not. Still you will find all necessities on the web.

But today we are talking about the most conspicuous blog design trends. In fact, this interesting article is written by TemplateMonster Blog experts and we are just sharing the news with you.

11 incredible design tendencies have been gathered there:

  • Oversized Headers;
  • Enough White Space;
  • Newspaper Style;
  • Typography Advanced;
  • Themed Layout;
  • Grid Based Designs;
  • Elements Transparency;
  • Perspective and Depth;
  • Huge Images;
  • Info Boxes;
  • Centric Layouts.

The Most Conspicuous Blog Design Trends

We hope that this information will help you to make a choice of design of your future or present blog. We’ll be glad to know your thoughts about Blog Design Trends in the comments.

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Vote for the Most Promising Web Design Trends

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Last week we encouraged you to vote for the best web design trends for 2010. The voting was announced by Blog.TemplateMonster.com and we hope you took part in it.

By voting for the most popular web design trends not only you share your personal opinion but also influence the way web design will develop in the future. Every opinion is a brick that builds a tremendous wall called web design.

Today you have another chance to choose what web design trends should be on the top this year. You can choose from the following web design trends: Magazine Layouts, Intuitive Flash Design and Mobile Design, Social Elements, Letterpress and Dynamic Tabs, Icons, Retro, Modal Boxes and Introduction Blocks, Functional Tiling, Rich Textures, Navigation Scattered around Image Grid and Numbered Navigation Bars. The choice is yours!

If you want to share your point of view, please comment the second part of the article on the best web design trends for 2010. To find this article simply click the link in the previous sentence.

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Web Designs with Transparent Elements

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As it was mentioned in a recent article on web design trends, transparency has become one of the main trends in modern web design. Perhaps you’ve noticed how many websites are built from transparent elements. These websites look like they have been created from a few different layers – one of them is a transparent one and the other is not. Usually the background of the website is a non-transparent image or an illustration and the main content is placed on a transparent layer. This technique helps visitors focus on the most important part of the website – the content. Still the background image can be viewed “between the lines”.

Here are 10 web designs that come with transparent elements – five of them are websites, the others are website templates. While websites should be regarded as sources of inspiration; the website templates are ready-to-use solutions.



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