Evolution of Web Design Trends: Easy-to-Use Infographic from TemplateMonster

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Although the past has gone and will never come back, you can’t deny the fact that a lot of innovations are just old things modified in a modern way. Thus, to be competent in the tendencies of today and even foresee possible emergence of new ones, it’s important to have at least a general idea about their origins. If you are involved in web design, TemplateMonster has a great solution to the challenge of keeping up with all the changes in the industry.

The team of the company developing ready-made templates has released an interactive infographic of web design trends over a time span of 2004-2014. As a bonus, it also contains an interesting forecast for 2015. With its help, you will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of web design and trace back its evolution in detail. So, let’s take a closer look at the infographic that is both instructive and entertaining in its nature.


The first thing to mention about the infographic is its convenient structure. The timeline with trends is shown in a vertical accordion slider so that you could explore each of them by clicking a certain cell. Every trend is presented by means of a laconic description and several illustrations conveying its essence in a clear way. Under the description block, you can see thumbnails of the trends that belong to the same year group. At the top, there is also a button meant to return users to the list of all the years.

As you see, the infographic of web design trends is easy to navigate, and its responsive nature allows doing it via any devices, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, the section of 2015 has a free place where you can add your own trend prediction for the upcoming year. Your opinion truly matters, so feel free to share it.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes Combining Visual Appeal and Usability

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To present yourself as a knowledgeable blogger, your web resource should be maximally informative. However, the content isn’t the only thing to focus on when it comes to retaining people on your platform. In addition to extensive information, the appearance of your site also matters in building a loyal base of readers. If it isn’t pleasant to look at, no one will strain their eyes to read what’s written there. Thus, you should make sure your resource is visually appealing to make a favorable impression on everyone who enters it.

Since it requires a lot of skills and efforts to create a stunning design from scratch, you are advised to turn to ready-made templates. To help you find a professional solution for your site, here’s a set of the top 10 WordPress themes compiled according to users’ feedback and number of downloads. Employing one of them on your platform, you will give it a distinctive touch to catch fancy of the audience. As the templates listed below are powered by WordPress, you will have an opportunity to edit them in any way you like so that their designs could match the requirements of your blog eventually.

The days when mobile phones were used solely for communication are long gone. Today, many people browse the web via these devices, that’s why your resource should have an impeccable look on any screen, whether it’s a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. And responsive design of our templates makes it possible. Due to their mobile-friendly layouts and other page elements, you will easily generate more mobile traffic. Look through the best responsive WordPress themes featured in our post and choose the one that meeting your demands. Here we go.

Personal Page WordPress Theme


The first theme from our set is primarily meant for personal blogs of any subject area. Its gorgeous images alternate with content sections ensuring better visual perception of information and comfort of browsing through a site. As green call-to-action buttons stand out against the light background, they easily grab attention of readers.

* * *


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Trendy Forever. Showcase of Flat Design Website Templates

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Have you ever thought why Flat Design has become so popular? It looks rather simple without any special effects or detailed elements which were popular before. What is the secret? The answer is more evident than one can suppose. The very simplicity which doesn’t draw attention away and turns a layout into intuitive one helps Flat Design trend conquer new heights of popularity.

Flat layouts look rather attractive, they are easy on the eyes and still give you a chance to be creative while such a design creation. The color scheme also differs from that one we had used before. The colors are not too bright, still add the necessary contrast to highlight important design elements. So, we have a great solution – simple for perception, creative, attractive with the nice color range. Isn’t it the shortest way to success?

Do you want to see for yourself? Welcome. Let us offer you several modern and cute Flat Design Website Templates. Have a look to make your own mind concerning the trend or find the very template you need to bring your project to life. If you ask my opinion, I will recommend you the very style for a new project launch, because thus your website visitors will deal with a modern layout, which will emphasize that you are aware of the latest trends and keep on the times. First impression is rather strong, try to make the most of it with the right web design choice.

Merchant Services

Flat Design Website Template

* * *

Cycling Club

Flat Design Website Template

* * *


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Flat Design – All There is to Know

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Flat design has already deserved its popularity having proved that in spite of its minimalistic approach it may be attractive, original and catching. The word boring has nothing to do in the same line of the words that are used for the description of the trend. Today Flat design is ready to reach new peaks of popularity being frequently used by designers and causing new wave of interest.
Flat design – what does it mean? Let’s remember.

Flat web design features:

  • Does not use dimensional elements. That is no shadows, bevel, gradients, and other tricks to create 3d effect.
  • Minimalistic approach completely concentrated on usability. No ornamental elements or other details which may be considered as unnecessary clutter.
  • Bright, contrasting colours that may catch attention.
  • Two-dimensional (flat) objects.
  • White space presence.
  • Clear-cut lines.
  • Noticeable links.
  • Sans serif typography.

Microsoft was one of the first to apply Flat design as a contrast solution to Apple skeuomorphism.

What makes Flat design popular if it is so simple? The very simplicity. Just have a look at some Flat design solutions. They are easy on the eyes, it is not difficult to understand what Flat design elements mean, elements are not kitschy, they don’t draw attention away from functionality. Web sites which use this trend are very user-friendly because they don’t make their visitors think about the design conception, but propose them a clear interface and simple ways to reach the needed result. Sans serif typography provides a clean supplement to illustrations being their natural addition. Cohesive visual and functional web design – that is what Flat design is.

Wanna learn more about Flat design or get some useful Flat design stuff? Oh, it is quite easy because as we have already discovered this trend adores simplicity. Just follow the link.

After all words written above it is the very time to share with you some examples of the trend and we do it with pleasure. Have a look at the websites which have chosen this approach. They are really cute and original.

Lorenzo Verzini

Flat design

* * *

Business WordPress Template

Flat design

* * *


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5 Most Interesting Things About Skeuomorphism

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Do you need some ideas to make your web desig more original and, in the same, time more user-friendly? What about Skeuomorphism? Have you already considered the trend? If no, you are welcome to have a closer look at it.   

Skeuomorphism is met more often in design than you may think. It looks so natural and usual that we sometimes just don’t notice its presence. Still, its absence can be easily noticed. Skeuomorphic solutions simplify our perception being certain prompts which make clear what mean the images chosen for the composition. If there are no such prompts, we can face with the design which makes us think. And what is one of the most important tasks designers deal with? Right – a design composition should be intuitive enough not to make visitors lost among multitude elements.
Of course, we don’t state that Skeuomorphism is the only possible solution, we just say that it can be the one you may use to enrich your design with attractive and user-friendly details.

If you want to learn more about this trend, to compare all its pros and cons, we can offer you to study a new, fresh infographic about Skeuomorphism, its nature and role in web design.

And there are 5 interesting facts about Skeuomorphism which you may haven’t been aware about. Take a look to discover that :

  • The term has a rather long history being applied to material objects since 1890

  • The term was compounded from the Greek: skeuos, σκεῦος (container or tool), and morphê, μορφή (shape)

  • There are two types of Skeuomorphism – auditory and visual. Both of them create strong associations and thus influence our perception

  • Apple pioneered the adoption of skeuomorphism in web design

  • Skeuomorphism can turn design into more user-friendly one thanks to its ability to cause associations with the objective reality

So, feel free to experiment and find your own design approach. We wish you a good day full of inspiration and new bright ideas.

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