What Will You Choose for Valentine’s Day: Vintage Cards or iPhone Wallpapers?

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Today we’d like you to answer an interesting question, “What do you like better: Valentine’s Day cards used in the past or modern Valentine’s Day wallpapers?” Basically you’ll have to choose between Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and iPhone wallpapers. To help you answer this question we suggest you to read the following articles

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Note: below are a few samples of how Valentine’s Day cards looked in the past and how they look now. So take your chance to compare Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and iPhone wallpapers that have been designed with Valentine’s Day in mind. After you do this we’d be happy to know your opinion: if you prefer hand drawn elements and vintage style or you enjoy the modern wallpapers that could be added to your cell phone.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Card #1


Vintage Valentine’s Day Card #2

Vintage Valentine's Day Card

Vintage Valentine’s Day Card #3

Vintage Card

Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpaper #1


Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpaper #2


Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpaper #3


As you can see there is one symbol that is common for the old Valentine’s Day cards and modern Valentine’s Day wallpapers. It’s a heart that unites the past and the present.


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