What Will You Choose for Valentine’s Day: Vintage Cards or iPhone Wallpapers?

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Today we’d like you to answer an interesting question, “What do you like better: Valentine’s Day cards used in the past or modern Valentine’s Day wallpapers?” Basically you’ll have to choose between Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and iPhone wallpapers. To help you answer this question we suggest you to read the following articles

Love Was, Love Is. 50 Vintage Valentines!
35 iPhone Wallpapers for Sweet and Bright St. Valentine’s Day

Note: below are a few samples of how Valentine’s Day cards looked in the past and how they look now. So take your chance to compare Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and iPhone wallpapers that have been designed with Valentine’s Day in mind. After you do this we’d be happy to know your opinion: if you prefer hand drawn elements and vintage style or you enjoy the modern wallpapers that could be added to your cell phone.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Card #1



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osCommerce Manuals Are Now Available at TemplateMonster.com

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TemplateMonster, the world’s largest website templates provider, announces partnership with osCommerceManuals.com under which TemplateMonster.com will provide affordable osCommerce Manuals to everyone who purchases eCommerce Templates. No doubt this has been long anticipated by those who want to start online businesses but have no programming skills.

Currently TemplateMonster offers eCommerce Manuals for such ecommerce templates as osCommerce templates, Magento themes, Zen Cart templates, and CRE Loaded templates. All eCommerce Manuals are written by Kerry Watson of osCommerceManuals.com and come with step by step installation guidelines and helpful screen shots. Keep in mind each manual you purchase at TemplateMonster.com includes an extra chapter entitled How to Install a TemplateMonster template.

From now on, not only TemplateMonster will provide top quality
eCommerce templates but also extremely useful eCommerce manuals. We bet those of you who would like to build online shops will definitely benefit from such a partnership because you can get a professional design for your online store as well as learn how to launch your online business.

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Template Tuning Launches Redesigned Website

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Template Tuning has announced that its official website has been redesigned. Note Template Tuning is a well known web design company which provides customization services. The company staff has helped many businesses to enhance their online presence and finally they’ve found some time to refresh Templatetuning.com.

One of the top priorities was to make the website even more inspiring, easy-to-navigate and enjoyable for the visitors. So the website has been updated to incorporate a new cleaner look, improved navigation, and a number of useful options.

Template Tuning Team has put a huge amount of work to update the site. As we can see the new website is bigger and more informative. If you would like to see all the changes which have been made to Templatetuning.com, please see the image below. Keep in mind the image is clickable and is linked to the official website of Template Tuning.

template tuning update

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Christmas Discounts and Specials for Web Designers

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Christmas is at the door and there is no better time to enjoy Christmas Promotions and discounts.

We bet you’ll be excited to read about the Christmas Promotion which is now running at TemplateMonster.com

This promotion includes a lot of discounts for web designers, bloggers and those of you who are looking for web design stuff like Website Templates, Flash Templates, Magento Themes, osCommerce Templates, WordPress Themes, Icons, Clipart, video effects, etc.

Every day there will be a new discount either from TemplateMonster.com or their partners. To name just a few companies that partner with TemplateMonster and will be offering discounts to TemplateMonster’s customers: JustHost, e-OnlineData, IconDemon, ProClipart, VideoSmash, etc.

In order to learn about the discounts and actually get them you should read the official blog of TemplateMonster or follow TemplateMonster on Twitter or subscribe for TemplateMonster’s newsletter. Neither of these activities will take you more than a few minutes per day but will surely guarantee a special price for web design items.

Please remember discounts will be offered daily! So it’s your chance to save when you purchase anything you need for your website or blog!

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Amazing Video effects for all your needs

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Looking for affordable video effects that you could use when creating animated websites, TV and video ads, special video effects, etc?

Then it might be useful for you to know that a huge collection of HD-quality video effects is available at Videosmash.com. The site offers video effects in the following categories: Abstract, Fireworks, Nature, Web Design and Flash Logo. Video effects that belong to a certain category then make a pack and each pack includes a number of video effects.

The price for video effect packs ranges from $25 for 10 Flash Logo Video Effects to $60 for 20 Abstract Video Effects.

Other packs such as Fireworks Video Effects pack, Nature Video Effects pack and Web Design Video Effects pack are available for as low as $30. That’s the price you pay for 10 video effects in one pack!

Also, there is a special offer for TemplateMonster customers – the Abstract Video Effects pack can be purchased for $29. If you want to take advantage of this offer you should purchase any product available at TemplateMonster.com and enjoy the special price by checking an appropriate check box on the bonus page.

A while back Videosmash.com has been providing all video effects in one pack. That was great but most customers didn’t want so many video effects at once. Also, an ultimate pack of more than 150 video effects was quite expensive. That’s how the idea of several packs emerged. It allows you not only to save your money but choose only those video effects that you really need.

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