Listen carefully: web design gurus advise

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Everyone who becomes interested in web design should learn a lot and be open for useful advices. Keeping this in mind Helen Walker from has interviewed successful web designers and published their answers at her site.

21 designers have taken part in the survey. All of them have shared their own experience with the beginners. Each designer has his own point of view. So advices differ. Though, being aware of all tips will be a great help for web design newbies. There can’t be too much of knowledge.

If you wish to become a true professional in web design area you should listen attentively to web design gurus. They’ve already come along web design path and they have a lot to share. So you are welcomed to read what 21 designers recommend you and use these tips for your professional growth and development.

Web design has a lot of secrets and well-experienced designers have already opened them. Why should you loose your chance to know some of them?

Dan Mall, Michael Ewing, Nathan Heleine, David Airey, Amy Greiner and other designers have proven to be true professionals in web design and you are very lucky to learn from them what the way to become successful web designer is.

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Talented artists and web designers have been interviewed

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I’ve already mentioned that you can find some inspiring interviews with designers at And here I’m to announce that new interviews have been added to the collection of the above mentioned blog.

All interviews are interesting to read and browse as well because they are enriched with large samples of designers’ works.

Interview with Marumiyan

While being interviewed all artists answer various questions. Some questions relate to designers’ previous experience, their sources of inspiration, their main principles while designing and even the process of creating. Latest design trends are also discussed in the interviews.

Interview with Meats Meier

I personally enjoyed seeing what the interviewed artists were drawing in their early childhood. It’s really funny to see the first masterpieces of the future well-known artists.

Interview with Fabio M. Silva

Having read the interviews it becomes easy to understand which topics are favorite for one designer or the other. Each interview ends by the advices given by professionals to the newbies of web design.

Real communication with truly creative people whose talent has already inspired hundreds of others is a very important experience. If you share this opinion you’ll truly benefit while reading the interviews represented at

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Web Designers’ Interviews

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If you are looking for inspiration and you enjoy reading interviews with talented web designers I recommend you to visit This blog is about web design, wallpapers, 3D models, website templates, web design contests, etc. Note web designers’ interviews take a great part of

Here are some links to web designers’ interviews I’ve read on

Interview with Marco di Lucca

Interview with Matt Mills

Interview with Kazuhiko Nakamura

I enjoyed reading interesting interviews with different designers which are represented at All interviews are supplemented by designers’ works. So you can read the interview with a certain designer and browse his works. Some designers who have been interviewed by are already rather famous and some of them are new to design world but all of them are well-skilled designers.

Each designer has his own design ideas and imagination. So having read interviews at you’ll find out what inspires the most inspirational designers while creating their works. Answering various questions designers share their experience and views with us. All we have to do is read attentively and remember all this information.

Of course there are more designers’ interviews on than I’ve mentioned here and you are welcomed to look them through and get inspired.

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