Web design forums. Part 2

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Do you enjoy participating in professional web design forums? Do you enjoy communicating with other web designers and enlarging your knowledge in web design? Do you like discussing the latest design works and commenting recently released software?

If your answers are positive I’ll show you several web design forums which are famous among professional web designers.

It’s quite difficult to list all web design forums but the more forums you know the more useful web design tips you can find. In my previous article I’ve already mentioned some professional web design forums but today I’d like to add some forums to this list.

Designers Talk Forum

Digital Point Forum


All forums which previews are included into this post are acknowledged to be good forums. And now I’d like to name just a few features of a good web design forum:

large and active community which is eager to help everyone who needs advice;

professional moderators;

quick responses to the posts.

So visit really great forums share your own knowledge and get answers to any web design questions you have. I believe there is no better place to feel the power of communication and mutual help than visiting online forums.

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Web design forums: visit and learn

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I bet it’s impossible for one person to know all web design forums. There are plenty of them on the net. Some are useful to read and get important web design tips and some are just waste of time.

Do you have enough time to visit all of them and figure out which one is great and which is not? If not I can give you some useful links. These links will show you the way to great web design forums. Visit them and try to find something interesting and useful for you.

All forums represented in this post are really great tips of information. I believe each of you will find a web design forum to your liking.


Dev Shed Forum

Ozzu Forum

Inspiration is a great thing but we should never miss professional advices. If you share my opinion you’ll definitely like reading professional web design forums I’m speaking about.

So many web design questions have already been answered by professional web developers. All you have to do is find the answer to your question. So don’t be lazy! Browse professional web design forums and gain web design experience.

Half work is already done: you know where to get useful information. I mean all links included in this post are paths to web design tips. Now it’s your turn to enter the forums you like and get beneficial knowledge!

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