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In this new age of ecommerce, more and more people choose VirtueMart for their online stores. Partly it’s because VirtueMart comes with a number of essential features, including performance, usability and security. Also, it happens due to the fact that VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce software that should be used with Joomla CMS; and as we know Joomla has now become one of the most trusted content management systems.

If you want to go into an online business and you would like your online store powered by VirtueMart, you should start with the following: at first, learn what VirtueMart is about and secondly check out the best VirtueMart Templates that are available so far.

In case you are familiar with VirtueMart and know how this powerful E-Commerce solution can help your online business grow, we suggest you to choose the design for your online store. With this in mind we provide a list of 35 VirtueMart Templates. Not only these VirtueMart Templates are beautifully designed but come from different template providers. So, you don’t need to search multiple websites when you are looking for the hottest VirtueMart Templates.

VirtueMart Templates by TemplateMonster.com

VirtueMart Template #1

clothing virtuemart template



Top 16 VirtueMart Templates Providers

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E-commerce has become an increasingly effective way to do business in the modern marketplace. A strategic alternative to costly proprietary shopping cart software is to utilize products that are open source and free to use. VirtueMart is just that – a free open-source shopping cart module for Joomla CMS.

While VirtueMart is freely available to download, there still is the issue of web development and design. There are essentially two options, hire a professional web developer for custom development or elect to purchase a prepackaged VirtueMart template file. The custom development route is prone to difficulty. A professional must be contacted, hired, and managed over the course of the project. This includes a great deal of human resource management and effort that does not directly translate into the development process. Secondly, the cost associated can be high without the guarantee that the quality of work will be up to standards.

An alternative to this process of custom web development is through the purchase of VirtueMart templates. These are optimized and fully developed files that can work together to create an e-commerce website. They are specifically designed to work with the VirtueMart framework and offer a great deal of flexibility. Many VirtueMart templates are of superior quality and can be acquired for a low price – browse our ultimate list of VirtueMart template providers to pick the right one for you.

VirtueMart Template Provider




# of VirtueMart


Pricing Details

Free Pro
Template Monster

VirtueMart Templates Provider - TemplateMonster

YES YES NO 1 28 $130 – $140
Rocket Theme

VirtueMart Templates Provider - RocketTheme

NO NO YES 3 Personal Membership:

$50 – $300

VJ Templates

VirtueMart Templates Provider - VJtemplates

NO YES NO 32 $90 – $109
Template Magician

VirtueMart Templates Provider - TemplateMagician

NO YES NO 19 $105 – $110
Powered By VirtueMart

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Poweredbyvirtuemart

NO YES NO 16 $14.95 – $17.95
VM Junction

VirtueMart Templates Provider - VMjunction

NO YES NO 13 $6.95 – $19.95

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Enytheme

NO YES NO 3 €24.99

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Yagendoo

NO YES NO 2 €29.99
Joomla XTC

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Joomlaxtc

NO YES NO 1 $59.00

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Websitetemplates

YES YES NO 1 4 $65
Best VirtueMart Templates

VirtueMart Templates Provider - BestVirtueMartTemplates

YES YES NO 1 28 $130 – $140

List compiled based on the list of VirtueMart templates providers as seen on Allvirtuemarttemplates.com

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