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Professionally done video templates can create wonders! It appears to be very easy to bring a zest into the appearance of your website and to make it more impressive, sensible and eye-catching. And recently TemplateMonster started to pay close attention to the topic! So these days you are welcome to check out the brand new Video Templates family brought by TemplateMonster.

There you will find two types of production: After Effects Intros and After Effects Logo Reveals.

After Effects Intros are here for you as a unique way to create a website which will mirror the main affection of the project you are providing. Every single visitor will at the first sight view who they are going to conduct their business with. In addition to web design After Effects Intros are perfect for special effects creation, video post-production, TV and broadcasting purposes or video ads production.

After Effects Intros

The latest media product from TemplateMonster – After Effects Logo Reveals – presents you the limitless possibilities in a logo design. Your clients will be impressed with how the logo of the site is appearing. High quality animation and pleasant music will conquer everybody.

After Effects Logo Intros

Both products of Video Templates Family are presented in full HD quality (HD 1080). So you shouldn’t bother about how your logo or intros will look. Everything will be professionally animated and look very trust-worthy.

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