Free HTML5 Industrial Business Website Template

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Business sphere is in a rapid progress all the time. And it is natural that more and more entrepreneurs (but not just the giants of business) prefer to have their own islet in the nasty digital world. An awesome corporate website is the very island they are looking for! And this week TemplateMonster Blog team is glad to offer you a highly professional Free HTML5 Industrial Business Website Template.

Browsing through the Internet you can hardly rapidly find a well-done theme for your website which will suit you. You may review thousands of different templates which unfortunately can’t be successfully used in website building. But the free HTML5 website theme of the week is totally different. This one is made in a professional manner and contains some useful and significant elements:

  • Clean and simple tableless markup;
  • CSS3 features: border-radius, box-shadow and text-shadow, css gradient, custom web fonts, transition effects, custom color of selection text;
  • jQuery elements: Datepicker, Slider based on jQuery Cycle plugin;
  • Layout based on a grid system (978px). Optimized for the 1024×768 display and more.

And now it’s time to see the Free HTML5 Industrial Busines Website Template with your own eyes:

Free HTML5 Industrial Business Website Template

This time (as always though) TemplateMonster offers you to download this nice freebie in two ways: with PSD source files included or without them. If you need HTML source files only than you can have them from the post page directly. If you want to have extra PSD sources than you should type your email address on a free HTML5 website template download page. Then the package with your theme will be delivered to this email. And after this feel free to use the template to satisfy your personal or educational needs.

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Adobe AIR Apps for Web Designers and Developers

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Hey people, this time we want to share some good information with you! Our good friends from TemplateMonster Blog have prepared the list of the most recent and helpful Adobe AIR apps for web designers and web developers. These guys just keep bringing us the different interesting supplies every single day and the list of the 30 Adobe AIR Apps is as always extremely powerful and convenient too.

Mostly this list is focused on applications which belong to a category of design and development. So every app will be very helpful in your work and besides that, the workflow will bring you a lot of joy.

Adobe AIR Apps for Web Designers and Developers

These nice and easy Adobe AIR Apps for web designers will allow you to solve many vital problems: image and HTML editing, color scheme management, SEO, wireframing, debugging, browser testing and so on. These are all daily routine operations and sometimes it is not comfortable to access the Internet just to do those minor operations. In such cases it would be more useful to have a good assistant at your desktop. Such applications don’t take much space on your HDD but they will come to help to you at your first call.

So look through the list of Adobe AIR Apps and choose the ones that you need or like.

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Special Effects Behind-the-Scenes Videos

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How many videos did you see during last year, for example? And how many of them were interesting for you? I mean, which of the videos would you like to look at under the microscope as if it was a fabulous creature? I think there is a couple that you remember for a long period. It can be some advertising video, a film scene or even some viral video walking around the Internet.

And authors of super popular clips use your interest and make other – documental – videos in Discovery style under the slogan “How it was made and how it works”. Those are so called “making-of” or behind-the-scenes videos. They reveal a curtain of mystery and make a tale turn into reality. Behind-the-scenes videos dispel a magic of your impression but give an understanding of the process you see.

These days TemplateMonster Blog presents you a list of such making-of videos which are rather popular around the world. You are welcome to know some secrets of Hancock, Snickers, Mnet “Magic studio” and other “video stars” with the help of the behind-the-scenes videos.

Not long ago TemplateMonster Blog started a strenuous work under different video selections and the results please the eye. Now you can enjoy yourself with high-quality special effects behind-the-scenes videos.

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Happy Halloween to You!

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Dear readers, thanks for visiting our blog and now
we have something special to say 🙂

We wish you a safe and happy Halloween!


Shadows lurk in the night!
Pumpkins glow bright.
And time is just right for us to wish you a hauntingly Halloween night!

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Free 404 Error Page Designs

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Each webmaster wants his site to look perfect. With this in mind he improves every aspect of the site, including 404 Error Page.

Usually the visitors that find themselves on the error page have several choices, either to leave the site as soon as possible or jump to another page hoping to find what they need.

So it depends on the webmaster what choice they make. If the 404 Error Page is designed in an original way and provides clear guidelines on how to deal with the error it’s more than likely that the visitors will stay on the site.

Here are a few 404 Error Page Designs you can add to your site for FREE. We hope these designs will help you keep your site visitors coming back.

Free Error Page Design #1



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