Mobile Web Design Trends

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Mobile phones play a great role in our everyday life. We are sure you’ll agree that mobile phone is not just a comfortable devise that enables us to phone anywhere we like but also it is a huge source for the hottest information and entertainment.

Mobile Website Design Trends

There is a great amount of mobile operators nowadays. That’s why the mobile operators’ market is really competitive. Every day you are suggested with new bonuses and more favorable rates. Due to the powerful competition on this market the mobile Internet became extremely cheap and sometimes even cost free.
Prominent Internet business owners use mobile Internet to promote their goods and services. If you also want to use this kind of online promotion first you should find out what trends exist for mobile web design. Surely you know that mobile designs are differ from standard web themes. Great mobile design should use the barest minimum of available space and at the same time remain interesting for the users.

So we want to help you to understand the main mobile web design trends of 2011. For this reason we have separated 16 categories. Among them are:
Slider Gallery, Large Photo Background, Magazine Style, Video Content Listing, Full Website Option, etc. You are welcome to look through these awesome collection of the best Mobile Websites. Hope you will get a great amount of fresh ideas due to this selection.


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