Best-Selling WordPress Themes of 2012

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Without doubt everyone want to choose the best web design for his website. The question is how to find out what designs are the best ones? To answer this question we can refer to our friends from They are so kind to present the unique selection of 5 Best-Selling WordPress Themes of Early 2012. As TM is one of the biggest website templates providers nowadays you can absolutely rely on their statistic.

So if you want to have the best WordPress Theme for your online project – just browse this Best-Selling WordPress Themes of 2012 right now and choose the one that will suit all your website needs. These 5 Best-Selling WordPress Themes of 2012 include web themes of different categories – so you will surely find a proper theme.

Best WordPress Theme 2012

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Mobile Web Design Trends

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Mobile phones play a great role in our everyday life. We are sure you’ll agree that mobile phone is not just a comfortable devise that enables us to phone anywhere we like but also it is a huge source for the hottest information and entertainment.

Mobile Website Design Trends

There is a great amount of mobile operators nowadays. That’s why the mobile operators’ market is really competitive. Every day you are suggested with new bonuses and more favorable rates. Due to the powerful competition on this market the mobile Internet became extremely cheap and sometimes even cost free.
Prominent Internet business owners use mobile Internet to promote their goods and services. If you also want to use this kind of online promotion first you should find out what trends exist for mobile web design. Surely you know that mobile designs are differ from standard web themes. Great mobile design should use the barest minimum of available space and at the same time remain interesting for the users.

So we want to help you to understand the main mobile web design trends of 2011. For this reason we have separated 16 categories. Among them are:
Slider Gallery, Large Photo Background, Magazine Style, Video Content Listing, Full Website Option, etc. You are welcome to look through these awesome collection of the best Mobile Websites. Hope you will get a great amount of fresh ideas due to this selection.

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Free Iconsets Pack Of 2,400 Professional Web Icons

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Great news for all who is looking for professional web icons. Our friend is glad to present you the biggest selection of 2,400 premium web icons for absolutely free download! The whole value of these high quality web icons is 5000$! If you want to get this really big gift it is necessary to make a purchase at during a period starting April 26th until May 10th 2011. After this you should follow the link that you’ll receive in your delivery email in order to get your free 200 icon sets with PSD sources.

Free Icons Set

Simple click the “Download now” link and voila! We are absolutely sure that you will be amazed with great variety of topics and styles of these 2,400 professional web icons. So you will definitely find web icons that perfectly fit your online project.

Also keep in mind other bonuses such as free hosting and domain name from Don’t miss such a wonderful opportunity to get high quality Free Iconsets Pack right now and improve your online business!

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Let’s blog together – Fantastic WordPress Promo and Giveaway

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WordPress is a leading brand in the blogging industry keeps conquering the hearts of the web users and we are as a part of this huge and awesome community wanted to let you know about simply gorgeous offer from Recently they have launched WordPress promo which means that you can receive 20% discount for any of their magnificent WordPress themes. By the way this collection contains more than 1000 various designs that will suit even most whimsical WordPress maniacs. Don’t forget about their premium WP 3.0 Themes that are enhanced with plugins, widgets etc. This promo will last during one month and so take your time to make a right choice.


The other great news from TemplateMonster is their insane WordPress lottery which gives you chance to win one free WordPress theme or one of the 50% and 30% discounts. If you want to participate in this lottery please follow through the Template Monster’s Blog post, paste there a comment with your favorite template’s ID and don’t forget to mention a reason why do you like this WordPress theme. The results will be announced Friday Jan 21st morning. We are looking forward for more excellent promos that will bring us more and more design goodies!

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Free Autumn Desktop Wallpapers for Minor Restful Mood

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The season of fog and mellow fruits is going away and first snowflakes with cold wind are already on the verge. And very soon we’ll sadly recall warm sunny autumn days. And in order to help you to save a piece of Indian summer in your heart we are glad to present you an awesome collection of Free Autumn Desktop Wallpapers. Juicy yellow and vinous colors bring any landscape to life and your mood will improve instantly.

It’s hard to be sad when your PC winks you with its bulb eye and demonstrates bright and pensive images to you. Don’t wait for the gray clouds to cover the sky and for the frosty wind to bring rainy weather. Color up your life till your mood is calm and joyful. And let Free Autumn Desktop Wallpapers colorize your monitor and please you every day.

Free Autumn Desktop Wallpaper


* * *

Free Autumn Desktop Wallpaper


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