Solutions for Responsive Advertising

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Responsive web design is the hottest topic during the last period. There were lots of articles which described all possible benefits and peculiarities. And what about advertising? It is an integral part of modern websites that brings lots of money and has strong positions in the world of web technologies. Website shrinks and very often adds just disappear or  twist the “shrinked version”.  Facing lots of problems such as absence of the ability to fit multiple layout options or to be supported by mobile platforms and many others adds create a certain need of some adjustment that can be reached by means of HTML and Javascript (best used for static ads) or by means of using a responsive ads framework. You may discover some more useful information just following the link.

Still, advertising needs more space in order to realize its main function and catch attention. The most popular format  is 300×250px . Possible solutions that can be used for successful advertisement use are:

  • Traffic redistribution
  • Responsive HTML ad using Javascript interface
  • Flexible Responsive Ad Framework

Traffic redistribution may be one of the ways out. Thanks to a vast flow of traffic you can divide your inventory, selling separate (for mobile devices, tablets, PCs), campaigns for advertisers.

For static ads built with HTML, you can implement the use of a JavaScript interface. It is not difficult to realize although it does not solve the problem with rich media.


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