20 Free Magento Themes

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Today Magento is among the most widely used ecommerce platforms. It is a great solution for online business of any kind. The popularity of Magento shopping cart application is still growing daily. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this post to the great collection of 20 free Magento themes. Without doubt you can find a great amount of premium Magento templates on the web, nevertheless we think you should pay attention to these freebies of high quality. Hope they will be useful for your online projects.
Free Magento Theme

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A Place to Find Magento Templates and Have Them Customized

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Would you like to launch a successful online store? Do you think Magento ecommerce platform meets your needs best? Then you have to choose how your online store should look like. In other words you should find the Magento Template that would fit your business.

If you want to have a good choice of top-quality Magento Templates, you’ll find it useful to visit TemplateTuning.com. The company offers Magento Templates for different kinds of online stores, including clothing stores, jewelry stores, lingerie stores, electronics stores, shoe stores, computer stores, gifts stores, etc. All Magento Templates look extremely professional and trendy; still the most important is that each design meets the Magento requirements. So it can be easily integrated with Magento platform.

And now we suggest you to browse a few samples of Magento Templates that are available at TemplateTuning.com.

Magento Template #1

magento template 1


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Magento Templates for your online stores

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In spite of the fact that there are a lot of ecommerce systems available, Magento really stands out. It provides merchants with incredible flexibility and functionality. By choosing Magento ecommerce software you get a wide range of marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools required for running a successful online store.

Considering the above said, it becomes clear why so many web designers and online merchants are looking for Magento Templates. The case is Magento Templates are web page designs for online stores powered by Magento.

There are only few companies that offer professionally designed Magento Templates. However, their designs look really amazing. To show you what I mean, here are the posts where the most beautifully designed Magento Templates have been showcased.

Hope these posts will open up more ideas for you to use Magento. Note, all these posts are published on Design4Magento.com. This blog provides useful tips on Magento and Magento Templates.

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All Free Magento Themes in one place

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As Magento ecommerce application becomes more and more popular we experience the growing number of Magento Themes, including Free Magento Themes.

Most companies offer one or two Magento Themes free of charge. Thus, it takes a lot of time to find all Free Magento Themes and choose the one you’d like to use for your online store.

I’d like to ask you, are you tired of searching for Free Magento Themes? Is it difficult for you to compare Free Magento Themes that are available on different sites?

If YES, then your problems are over. A comprehensive Magento blog Design4Magento.com has updated its Free Magento Themes page. From now on this page provides information on all Magento Themes that are available for free download.

When you visit Free Magento Themes page you’ll see theme previews. Also you’ll find useful info about every Magento Theme such as a theme name; company name; short description; compatibility; live demo link and download link.

I believe Design4Magento.com will save lots of your time and efforts.

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More Free Magento Templates have been found

To start with, I’ll remind you about Magento Templates and why you may need them: Magento templates are web page designs that enable you to create online stores powered by Magento ecommerce platform.

Magento is a new solution and there are not many Magento Templates available, especially Free Magento Templates. Thus, every time web designers and online merchants learn about new Magento Templates, they are really pleased.

Hopefully this post will be useful as well. It’s also about new templates for Magento ecommerse software. Moreover, it’s about a place to find the latest Magento Templates that are available free of charge.

To be short Free Magento Templates have been collected by Design4Magento.com. There are 4 of them: Everson Magento Template, Magento Classic Theme from Templates-Master, Simple Blue Magento Template from Siam Magento and Basic Magento Template from M-Template. As I’ve already mentioned, these Magento Templates can be downloaded for free.

Please visit Design4Magento.com to browse Free Magento Templates and follow the links to Free Magento Templates providers.

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