Evolution of Web Design Trends: Easy-to-Use Infographic from TemplateMonster

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Although the past has gone and will never come back, you can’t deny the fact that a lot of innovations are just old things modified in a modern way. Thus, to be competent in the tendencies of today and even foresee possible emergence of new ones, it’s important to have at least a general idea about their origins. If you are involved in web design, TemplateMonster has a great solution to the challenge of keeping up with all the changes in the industry.

The team of the company developing ready-made templates has released an interactive infographic of web design trends over a time span of 2004-2014. As a bonus, it also contains an interesting forecast for 2015. With its help, you will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of web design and trace back its evolution in detail. So, let’s take a closer look at the infographic that is both instructive and entertaining in its nature.


The first thing to mention about the infographic is its convenient structure. The timeline with trends is shown in a vertical accordion slider so that you could explore each of them by clicking a certain cell. Every trend is presented by means of a laconic description and several illustrations conveying its essence in a clear way. Under the description block, you can see thumbnails of the trends that belong to the same year group. At the top, there is also a button meant to return users to the list of all the years.

As you see, the infographic of web design trends is easy to navigate, and its responsive nature allows doing it via any devices, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, the section of 2015 has a free place where you can add your own trend prediction for the upcoming year. Your opinion truly matters, so feel free to share it.

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Learn More! Bootstrap Hornbook Interactive Infographic

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It has been proved by the time that Bootstrap got its popularity absolutely deservedly. Lots of Bootstrap based websites are already built all over the web. We have discovered the ease of Bootstrap’s nature and read many good articles which described all its benefits and peculiarities.

Still, there is one more great resource that may clarify lots of facts about Bootstrap. And today we want to share it with you. It is an Interactive Infographic created by TemplateMonster team. All necessary information is gathered in a simple for perception manner and you need just to click the screenshot below to discover the interactive version. Learn more about Bootstrap enjoying its absorbing animation.

The infographic has a look of Windows 8 Metro interface.The OS version is very popular and such look turns the infographic into more intuitive one. The content blocks are subdivided into categories and ranged in accordance with the color to simplify the perception of the data. There are also other guides by TemplateMonster that you are welcome to discover visiting the Infographics page.

Click the screenshot below and enjoy Bootstrap Hornbook Interactive Infographic!

Bootstrap infographic (more…)

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Infographic Design Slideshows. Your Visualization Guides

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Infographic is a rather popular way of presenting information. It turns multitude data into easy to remember images thus simplifying the perception and creating strong associations. Infographic is a perfect chance to realize your creative potential and make your message clear for the audience. It is not an easy task to create a good infographic as you should thought-out its structure making each element informative and worth of attention. A narrative has strong connections between its beginning and end being focused on its core. Your infographic has the same structure and can tell even more in a shorter period of time thanks to images implementation. That’s why you should keep in mind that you deal with images which are well ordered, but not chaotic ones.

It would be of a certain use to learn more about infographic, its nature and main design principles if you are going to create one. And we prepared some useful information which may become your start point. We decided that it would be unnatural to speak about visualisation using just words thus we offer you some nice slideshows which will help you discover lots of interesting facts you may turn into benefits in future. Study them to find out more about infographic history and impact.

A Brief History of Information Design and Visual Storytelling

How to design infographic slideshow

* * *

Why are Infographics Important

How to design infographic slideshow

* * *


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Black in Web Design. Сomic Style Animated Infographic

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Black color is absolutely deservedly considered to be mysterious one. It adds some special aura of secret covering with its charm as a dark blanket. Mystical and magnetic this color is ready to show its black attraction inviting to visit a strange night city with unusual residents who are already waiting for you!
Welcome to discover comic style animated infographic which will help you learn more about black color and its role in web design. On your way you will come across different heroes who are eager to share with you their opinion and knowledge concerning this color. Some characters will interact with you when you roll over them. Besides, you will find lots of tinkling and shimmering objects – just click them and discover what is hidden behind.

Your black route will enrich you with such interesting facts as:

  • Mentality and colors
  • Benefits of black design
  • Associations and physical impact of black color
  • Variations of black
  • Some helpful articles on black and its usage
  • Various color combinations with black
  • How to avoid mistakes of black design

And lots of other useful information. Comic heroes will show you the way turning it into an absorbing adventure being ready to uplift your mood and inspire you for future creative use of black.


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Interactive Infographic: Blue Color in Web Design

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Colors play one of the most important roles in our life. We can even say that our life is emotionally colored as they create immediate associations and cause a certain mood – light or dark, restricted or full of various emotions. The color range chosen for a web design creation is one of the first things we notice visiting a web site. The choice of the predominating color is not an easy task as it should correspond with the main idea and the whole conception. Today we want to offer you some interesting information concerning color choice and its role in web design by means of a captivating interactive infographic – Coolness of Blue in Web Design.

The choice of blue color was not an accident one. Just look more attentively at those websites you visit and you will be surprised to discover how often blue color is used. The psychology of colors states that blue tone is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, conservatism, etc. Thus selecting it you instinctively or absolutely consciously want to create a positive and reliable impression on your business partners or clients.

The proposed infographic will reflect all benefits and peculiarities of blue color use. We are glad to share with you the following interesting data:

  • the sites which made blue their predominating color,
  • popular blue mixes and combinations with some other colors,
  • the role of blue color in branding,
  • its 55 shades,
  • gender color preferences,
  • color perception by different cultures

This infographic is an interactive one and it means you can enter an absorbing world of various effects (hovering over the pencils at the header/bottom and others) finding hidden information and enjoying the process of discovering new interesting facts about blue and its webdesign role. We do hope all this will help you make a right color choice and will be of a great help for your project creation.

Below you can see a static version of the Infographic – Coolness of Blue in Web Design. You are welcome to follow the link to discover its full version.


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