Google Website Optimizer Tips

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Every day we are browsing the Internet and looking for more ways to improve our websites. As far as you have known Google created a special tool – Google Website Optimizer (GWO). It is aimed to help you a lot in solving the conversion issues. Before using it you need to remember that it is just a software an don’t let it to think instead of you.

Google Website Optimizer

Due to Google Website Optimizer you have a splendid opportunity to test various versions of the same page (A/B testing). In order to test multiple elements of the page – use Multivariate tests. Also take into consideration the following Google Website Optimizer Tips:
-homepage, products, category and checkout are the most important pages to start from;
-segment your visitors by the traffic sources;
-use analytics data;
-Micro and Macro conversions testing is essential;
-pay attention to this important element of the website usability
-test your search box conversions;
-create your own strategy, set exact targets.

Hope these Google Website Optimizer tips will be useful for you. In order to get more detailed info – read Tips on Using Google Website Optimizer at blog. Have a great day and don’t forget to drop us a line!

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