25 Free Movei Fonts

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Hello guys! All of you surely love good old “Back to the Future”, “Indiana Jones” and suchlike movies. You may even know every line of text from some of the legendary movies and keep a secret that you still collect all kinds of movie posters, stickers and images. And of course you’ll not abandon the collection of cool free movie fonts. To have the lettering like they’ve had in “X-files” or “The Matrix” means being a part of the movie Olympus. It’s just an illusion but it is so sweet…

And now we are going to tell you about the cool news. TemplateMonster Blog team has collected 25 Free Movie Fonts from all over the web and now demonstrates it for everybody who breathes with movie frames. All these world familiar fonts are really free and ready to be used by you. We guess that your visitors have their favorite movies and they’ll be glad and proud a little bit to see such small elements as movie title fonts used on your website design.

Free Movei Fonts

That’s why don’t waste your time on thinking “Are these free movie fonts original ones or are they just copies?” Nobody can answer this question. But what is really true is that they are awesome, cool and absolutely identical to movie letterings.


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