Flash Industry Survey 2010 from TemplateMonster

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Some time ago TemplateMonster announced the start of a great Flash Industry Survey 2010 and offered to all interested web developers opportunity to take part in this poll. The aim of the survey is to determine the future development path of a Flash technology by taking into consideration the opinion of a target audience.

More than 10,000 people were covered with the flash poll and all their professional opinions and wishes were taken into account and they were mirrored in the Flash Industry Stats 2010. And now we are glad to inform you that long-awaited results are in a free access now. TemplateMonster has already processed the data and presents us the priceless facts in a comfortable graphic way. So you are welcome to review it on the Flash Industry Survey Results page at TemplateMonster and then share the link with your web friends.

Flash Industry Stats 2010

But there are some things which cause slight hesitations and questions. The survey was conducted mostly among TemplateMonster’s audience and it can adjust a little bit. For example taking into consideration that Moto CMS (formerly known as Flash Moto) is TemplateMonster’s partner their leadership in the Flash CMS section of the survey can be explained by what we’ve said earlier.

Nevertheless the data is priceless and all the facts will be extremely useful for everyone who considers himself to be a web professional.

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Pretty Promo for 30,000th Template from TemplateMonster

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Do you like TemplateMonster’s products? And have you ever counted the number of templates that have been launched by them? If you are not a TemplateMonster CEO we guess you don’t. But guys from TemplateMonster count every theme all the same. And today, on the 10th of August, they present you the 30,000th template! Undoubtedly, a celebration of such an event will be great! And as a proof for my words I’m glad to inform you that there is an interesting promo on TemplateMonster.com. On 10th and 11th August you have an incredible chance to get two products at the price of one! Isn’t this tempting?

If you buy one of the templates from the site during today-tomorrow period you’ll be awarded with a free PowerPoint Template, Logo Template, Corporate Identity Template, Logoset or Iconset. On the original post page you’ll find an instruction for how to get your freebie.

Pretty Promo for 30000thTemplate from TemplateMonster

And let’s pay attention to the 30,000th template itself. It should be noted that it is a Flash CMS Template built on the basis of FlashMoto CMS platform. Moreover the template has spectacular 3D effects thanks to Papervision3D engine. All these things will make your website unbelievably realistic.

So, today you are welcome to try a new product from TemplateMonster and to have an extra joy! Good luck!

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Summer Discount at FlashMoto Templates

It is warm, even hot outside. Sun comes higher and starts to shine as bright as a diamond. People relax and don’t want to work for it is a season of vacations. All the nature around you dreams about having a good slack somewhere far away from the place you are.

Especially this season there are no forces that could make you work hard and build the website of your dream. Flash sites seem to be so complex.

Well in case you didn’t know this problem has been solved already. FlashMoto templates can make elements of your site dance, shine, roll and do whatever you want them to. It’s rather easy to work with but the price can push you away from it.

flashMoto Template - summer discount

And now pay attention! Templatemonster.com reduces prices! Starting May 27th till June 4th you have an unbelievable opportunity to buy FlashMoto templates at a 40% discount. There are 10 Flash CMS templates which are available under this discount. Look through them attentively, don’t lose a chance to become an owner of the professional website based on the premium Flash CMS template.

And it’s not over! Templatemonster.com also presents you the remainder FlashMoto templates at a 5% discount. It’s a real summer sale! Such prices on such templates are not likely to ever happen again. So, check the list of FlashMoto templates attentively and make your choice!

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FlashMoto Flash CMS at a Special Price

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A while back we’ve told you about Flash CMSs that allow you to easily build Flash sites and manage them and today we are excited to share good news with you. One of the most powerful Flash CMSs is available at a special price.

The Flash Content Management System we mean is a FlashMotoFlash CMS. It is still in beta but it’ll be released soon. As we’ve read on FlashMoto blog the Flash CMS will be available since November 4, 2009. So the big day is really close!

And now let’s go back to the special price. Flash developers as well as Flash users canpre-order FlashMoto Flash CMS and pay only $159 instead of paying the full price of $199 when it is finally launched.

If you want to test the FlashMoto Flash CMS before buying, please play with itsopen beta version. Therefore, you’ll feel the benefits of the powerful Flash Content Management System and understand the way it can help you create Flash sites and update them.

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Flash CMS Templates Launched

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Hope you remember our post about Flash Content Management Systems. It has explained the basics of Flash CMSs and why these tools are useful for webmasters and Flash developers. Here is a short reminder, a Flash CMS is a “Content Management System specifically designed to create and manage Adobe Flash Content”.

And today we’ll tell you about Flash CMS Templates. These are web page designs that come with Flash CMS features.

Flash CMS Templates you’ll find below are powered by FlashMoto. Therefore, these web designs come with such powerful features as advanced text editor and image editor; embedded video component as well as music player component and image gallery component, etc.

photo flash cms template


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