Something new from TemplateMonster

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Today TemplateMonster has presented their brand new product type. It is a really fresh and unique product. It is a very interesting combination of two different goods, CMS and Flash Intro. From now on it is combined in Flash CMS Intros. Template Monster states that it is totally new invention and has got no similar analogues.

We know all advantages of Flash technologies and it is really impressive and spectacular, it gives great results, thus Flash Intro is a hi-tech product and it’s difficult for a non-skilled user to handle it. And on the contrary, Flash CMS is the product that helps to manage the content without any problems, even if you are a rookie. So, guys from Templatemonster have combined two functional features of different goods and received something very unique as a result.

Now let’s talk about particular features of Flash CMS Intros. It gives an opportunity to choose color scheme, to edit logo and slogans, it has different special functions like redirect URL, different functional buttons and so on. And don’t forget that it also has all functions of CMS which provide a facility to manage the content of the Flash Intro.

So, I think that these new commodity is worth seeing and you have to try it on, as I did.

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