Designing a Shopping Cart Page UX Tips

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Without doubt among the most essential pages of your e-commerce site is shopping cart page. So you should pay more attention to create an eyecatching and at the same time user friendly shopping cart page. For this reason we’ve decided to share with you a list of useful tips that are aimed to improve such kind of pages.
Do you know what “UX” stands for? UX means user experience that includes utility, usability and overall efficiency. It’s all about how you perceive the product, system, application or service.
So here you are 12 use-proven UX tips that may be beneficial for your shopping carts:

Designing a Shopping Cart Page

-Keep Tab On a Clickstream In Your Analytics Program
-Make an Easy Access to Customer Service and Shipping Info
-Place Coupon Codes Reasonably
-Ensure The Client Does Not Provide His Information Twice
-Show up Taxes If There Are Any
-Provide Info On International Orders
-Clear Up Privacy Policies
-Display a Progress Indicator
-Use Clear English
-Always Show Up Confirmation Screen
-Make Cross-Selling Unobtrusive
-Simplicity is a basis of any efficient design

If you want to find out more detailed info on the above tips – just read all about Designing a Shopping Cart Page UX Tips at TM blog.


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