Which eCommerce Product do You Prefer? TemplateMonster’s Survey to Meet Your Needs

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Dealing with eCommerce we constantly face with the platforms variety and the necessity to choose the most suitable. In order to make the right choice one needs some guiding lines and we offer you to study the figures below which will help you clarify certain aspects.

With the reference to this year survey of eCommerce sites, Alexa Top 1 Million ranking, we face with the following data:

  • Magento featured 26% of all eCommerce websites
  • VirtueMart got the 2nd place
  • ZenCart lost some of its positions (nearly 2,000 sites) and hit the 4th place among the most popular platforms nowadays
  • The rates of Prestashop and Opencart have increased. Prestashop won +14% and Opencart got +39%

If you need a good eCommerce design for your project, just search among those you are offered at TemplateMonster.com, the templates are of premium quality, meet modern standards and trends. The team wants to propose you only the products you will be interested in. This desire makes the team start the survey which will help clarify your preferences.

We are eager to find out which eCommerce platform is your favorite one. Share with us this information. It is quite easy. Just several clicks!


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Drupal Commerce – a New Solution for Your Online Business

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Today Drupal is ready to please us with one more solution – Drupal Commerce. It is a new type of online stores based on the Drupal 7 core which, certainly, differs from that Drupal we are used to. In previous time Drupal had a reputation of a too complex CMS for regular users who needed to be persistent enough to figure things out within admin panel. That’s why other eCommerce solutions with more intuitive and user-friendly nature were used more often. But the creators of Drupal aimed to make their favourite CMS more popular and easy to use. As a result we have Drupal Commerce.


Let’s clarify what makes these stores so special ones:

  • Drupal Commerce store is built by configuring modules and interfaces and can be changed in accordance with your business growth.

  • Being Drupal 7 Based these stores possess all those effective features you got used to.
  • Social networks play one of the most important roles in modern life that’s why Drupal Commerce store supports the networks which will give a chance for your customers to share your products or services.
  • You are offered an absolute control over your store design through Drupal’s theme layer.
  • Drupal Commerce is an open source free for use by merchants all over the world.
  • Got interested and want to discover some more information? Just follow the link to see the whole list of Drupal Commerce benefits.

The first decades of December will present us with a release of Drupal Commerce themes by TemplateMonster. The future themes will include all the features we listed above. Don’t forget to subscribe for the launch notification e-mail, it will inform you about a nice opportunity to discover all pluses of Drupal Commerce themes yourself.

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Designing a Shopping Cart Page UX Tips

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Without doubt among the most essential pages of your e-commerce site is shopping cart page. So you should pay more attention to create an eyecatching and at the same time user friendly shopping cart page. For this reason we’ve decided to share with you a list of useful tips that are aimed to improve such kind of pages.
Do you know what “UX” stands for? UX means user experience that includes utility, usability and overall efficiency. It’s all about how you perceive the product, system, application or service.
So here you are 12 use-proven UX tips that may be beneficial for your shopping carts:

Designing a Shopping Cart Page


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Powerful Drupal eCommerce Modules

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Drupal is one of the most reliable and efficient CMS platforms and it keeps holding its positions. Experienced web developers do know what’s it like to work with Drupal and we are sure that you’ll find many satisfied guys that would love to tell you how good is this system. Ecommerce field was one of those areas where Drupal has many strong competitors – Magento, Zen Cart, Virtuemart and so on. Though for your consideration Drupal also has few notable modules that can be easily integrated to your website and you’ll recieve mighty and beautiful eCommerce project powered by Drupal.

You should know that highly popular now Drupal shopping carts are Ubercart and e-Commerce modules. It is needless to say that thousands of websites all over the world are using these Drupal eCommerce modules and maybe you’ll be that next one who’ll try these too. Ubercart is the leading module and there are many reasons for that. Ubercart’s creators were focusing on usability in three key areas: store configuration, product and catalog creation, and order administration. Quite impressive, don’t you think so? We do hope that you’ll find many useful information about Drupal eCommerce modules and will use them without any problems. Take care now and see you soon.

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Free osCommerce Template for Online Electronics Store

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The era of supermarkets is going away and more and more people prefer online shopping. It is convenient, fast and you don’t depend on weather conditions. So if you are thinking about starting your own web store business then today’s offer is exactly for you. You know that TemplateMonster.com launches free themes every week and this one is not an exception. We are glad to demonstrate you the Free osCommerce Template for Online Electronics Stores from TemplateMonster Blog team.

This perfectly done theme is extremely suitable to start selling goods online. User-friendly layout and stylish design make this osCommerce template very attractive in the eyes of Internet community. So you will not have any troubles with visitors: people will like your website and they will buy everything from there.

And now look attentively on the screenshot of the Free osCommerce Template for Online Electronics Stores:

Free osCommerce Template

If you like the freebie of the week then you can download it in two ways: with PSD source files included and without them. You may get theme sources from the TemplateMonster post page directly. In case you want to have PSD sources too than you have to type your email address on the Free osCommerce Template for Online Electronics Stores download page at TemplateMonster. Use the email that you want the download link to be delivered to. And then enjoy your perfect free osCommerce template!

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