Drupal Commerce – a New Solution for Your Online Business

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Today Drupal is ready to please us with one more solution – Drupal Commerce. It is a new type of online stores based on the Drupal 7 core which, certainly, differs from that Drupal we are used to. In previous time Drupal had a reputation of a too complex CMS for regular users who needed to be persistent enough to figure things out within admin panel. That’s why other eCommerce solutions with more intuitive and user-friendly nature were used more often. But the creators of Drupal aimed to make their favourite CMS more popular and easy to use. As a result we have Drupal Commerce.


Let’s clarify what makes these stores so special ones:

  • Drupal Commerce store is built by configuring modules and interfaces and can be changed in accordance with your business growth.

  • Being Drupal 7 Based these stores possess all those effective features you got used to.
  • Social networks play one of the most important roles in modern life that’s why Drupal Commerce store supports the networks which will give a chance for your customers to share your products or services.
  • You are offered an absolute control over your store design through Drupal’s theme layer.
  • Drupal Commerce is an open source free for use by merchants all over the world.
  • Got interested and want to discover some more information? Just follow the link to see the whole list of Drupal Commerce benefits.

The first decades of December will present us with a release of Drupal Commerce themes by TemplateMonster. The future themes will include all the features we listed above. Don’t forget to subscribe for the launch notification e-mail, it will inform you about a nice opportunity to discover all pluses of Drupal Commerce themes yourself.

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