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Designers and bloggers love using desktop blogging tools because such solutions make blogging faster. Desktop blogging tools mean extra functionality as well. If to speak about already well-known and commonly used blogging tools we should mention the possibility of writing posts offline and then publishing them online. Another beneficial option is an opportunity to publish the post whenever you wish: you can schedule the post to be published on the exact month, week, day and even hour. Most editors allow adding media to the posts, saving drafts, checking spelling mistakes, etc.

If you want to choose which desktop blogging editor will fit your blogging needs best of all you should compare some of them and make your choice. Recently 15 desktop blogging tools have been reviewed and this comparison seems to be a very useful solution for bloggers worldwide.

Windows Live Writer(Windows)

User friendly interface, neat design, spell checker, ability to insert media files and a good text editor are just some peculiarities of this blogging tool. Using Windows Live Writer enables you to add plugins to the editor. This feature makes Windows Live Writer much better than its competitors.

BlogDesk (Windows)

BlogDesk is a feature rich and multi-language blogging editor which may be used for all of the popular blogging platforms except Blogger. You can easily upload media files to BlogDesk and edit them in image processing applications. Inserting and editing links in this blogging tool is also quite easy. Links can be easily inserted and edited. If you’ve made a mistake while writing a post and you’ve seen it after the post was published you should simply edit or delete already existing post. Multiple categories can be created to help you save your posts according to their topics.

Ecto (Mac)

Together with standard features like spell checker, good text editor, draft saving, etc Ecto enables you to use plugins. Ecto’s cooperation with Amazon, Flickr and del.icio.us also adds beneficial features to this blog editor. Though, this blogging tool isn’t given for free as the previous ones.

Being a newbie or an experienced blogger you’ll never reject the opportunity to make blogging faster and easier thanks to extra options which are guaranteed by blogging editors. Note some editors are completely free of charge and some of them are for sale. You are to choose which one you prefer to make your blogging enjoyable and speedy.

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