Free HTML5 Theme for Social Organization – Presenting a Hope

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Look around. How many people may need your help. Very often we complain about such unimportant things which are not worth of our attention. In the same time, there are many people who have serious problems and need to be supported in those difficult situations they suddenly appeared.

Specially for those who have sensitive hearts and can sympathize we created the Free HTML5 Theme for Social Organization. If you are a member of such organization or one of volunteers who want to make this world a bit better, take this free website template as a basis for a site that helps gather people into one social active community.

We propose you to check the LIVE DEMO in order to see for your own eyes that this theme has not only pleasant color range and the nice optimistic layout without any hint at anxiety. But we offer you to discover jQuery slider that helps visualize community work and the main content block with JQuery Direction-Aware Hover which tells about the campaigns of the organization.

You can DOWNLOAD the template and start your social ideas realization. Just follow the link and get the freebie. You can begin the world improvement right now.

Free Website Template

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Polygon Graphics Tutorials – the 3D Face of Your Creativity

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If you are interested in web design, you know that there is always something to learn and discover. Internet constantly develops and surprises us with new technologies and achievements. But there are also some design techniques which continue to cause interest although they can’t be named today new or revolutionary ones.

We propose you to pay your attention to Polygon Graphics. Polygons are still popular in the digital world. They are often used to create 3D effect and make your picture more realistic. Polygons can also add some retro style to your work. The works designed in this manner manage to stand out against the rest being quite original and thus quickly remembered. Usually (but not always) polygons chosen for the graphic are triangular. But of course, you can experiment with the shape as well as with the color.  

Would you like to learn more about the technique? You are welcome. We offer you Polygon Graphics Tutorials the authors of which are ready to share with you their experience and ideas. Check the tutorials and try to create your own polygon graphics.

Classic Image from Jaws

Polygon Graphics Tutorial

* * *

How to Create a Polygonal Vector Mosaic That Will Wow Any Crowd

Polygon Graphics Tutorial

* * *


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Free HTML5 Theme. Persian Green for a Modern Interior Site

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Would you agree that spring is the most inspiring season? After a long winter pause, we suddenly discover the desire to create something awesome, original and absolutely new. This was the very wish that caused the creation of Free HTML5 Theme for Interior Site which we want to share with you today.

Are you dealing with interior, exterior, or architecture design? Great! Because this free website template will perfectly suit your business. It is designed in the style minimal with the use of cute typography and Persian Green (#009b97) tone. But clear layout and stylish fonts are not the only features waiting for your appreciation. We want to pay your attention to Camera Slideshow (Free jQuery Plugin), Animations for Thumbnail Grids, the Circular Multicolored Social Buttons with tool tip effect in the footer.

All the named features can be viewed on the LIVE DEMO page.

Being enriched with so many cool innovations, our freebie has one feature which we left without changes – you can still get it just following the DOWNLOAD link. It is quite simple. Haven’t you tried yet? Do it right away. This will not take you lots of time, but on the contrary, will save it, as you will get the ready solution for your online startup.

free website template

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Spring Colors Palette – Bright Power of the Season

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Spring manages to turn the whole world into one big fairy tale. It awakes, presents with new thoughts and ideas. It inspires and provokes to create something special. Just take a glance around! New bright colors enrich everyday life with some special meaning.

Today I offer you to pay your attention to the very spring colors. Below you can find Spring Colors Palette. Eye candy spring tones will be able to catch sights and realize your design ideas in the most appropriate manner. It is very important to make color scheme clear for every particular project, as colors cause certain emotions, associations and thus manage to influence the whole process of perception.

Color Psychology is the science which studies colors and their ability to influence our mood, thoughts, memories and how to turn colors and their multitude combinations into reliable assistants which will help reach the needed goal.

Experienced designers pay lots of attention to the color range choice being aware of this bright magic. Can you imagine the colorless world? Don’t even try. Colors are the integrated part of our reality.

And what tone do you prefer? What is your favorite one? Before you will answer the question, study the Palette below. It may appear that your favourite tone is the reflection of spring, its beauty and power.

Spring Colors Palette

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