10 Tricks to Highlight an Element and Grab Users’ Attention

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If you are going to create a layout design, you should know for sure what you are creating it for. Surely, there are some goals except presenting your website visitors with a nice layout. And there is always something you want them to notice, remember, pay their attention at. That’s why web design creation demands multitude skills and ideas in order to highlight the most important elements without destroying the whole composition. It is quite clear that some details are to be noticed from the first glance as they are the corn ones. But very often it is obvious to you, but not to others and your task is to single out the details and turn them into catching and attractive. How to highlight your design elements is the very task we want to discuss today. Let’s learn some tricks to grab users’ attention:

1. Colors manage to catch our sight easily and quickly. Choose contrast colors to make the element stand out against the rest composition. You may use bright color solutions as well as dark tones. The main idea is to create the color contrast which will be noticed at once.

10 tricks to highlight an element

2. Experiment with the element size. It is naturally that big details are noticed easier than small. This is one more opportunity to create the contrast with the rest layout.

10 tricks to highlight an element


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10 Things to Think About Before Creating a Logo for Your Website

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10-Things-to-Think-About-Before-Creating-a-Logo If you are going to start a logo design make a short pause in order to read this. Logo design needs a special approach. Sometimes this small sign you are going to create may take you more time than creation of a whole website. Why? Because it will represent your project, it will be associated with all your achievements. This means it is to be remembered, recognized and identified.

There are plenty of logos and the most difficult task is to grab attention and be singled out. Is it possible to compete? Of course. Anything is possible if you want to reach it.

The words written above make it clear that logo creation demands some special attitude. But…what is to be done? Is there any algorithm of a cute logo creation? Creativity can’t be framed, still we can make the list of useful recommendations which one can turn into a Logo Creation Guide. Those who are experienced advise us to keep in mind following principles:

1 First of all you should remember that your logo is to be as simple as possible. Don’t try to make a bright mixture of symbols. It is not a composition, but it’s corn idea which is already taken from the rest elements.

2. Forget all trends. Yes it is the very time to come back to classic solutions. Oh, don’t be sceptic. Let’s think a little – trends are changing very often and those which seem to be attractive today will turn into a banal representation of old school design tomorrow. Your logo can’t be changed in accordance with all new trends, it should be the same in order to be recognized from the first sight, otherwise it will not fulfil its initial task.


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Perfrect Mix for Online Portfolio: HTML5, Camera Slider & Circle Hover Effects

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If you have started this day with the pleasant feeling that something positive may happen, you were absolute right! Because we have prepared cool Free HTML5 Theme for Portfolio which can be easily turned into your online project. Do you have any creative achievements you want to share with others? That it is the very time. Make your personal or photographer portfolio, or represent your web design agency with the help of the free website template we share with you this time.

In case you want to learn more about its features, we are pleased to give you the shot list below. The template is enriched with:

  • Gallery page on TouchTouch jQuery script
  • Back to top button
  • Newsletter form
  • Contact form
  • Nice circle hover effect

You can follow the Live Demo link and check it yourself or download the template right now and start it customization.




Vibrant red and calm white colors combination can be, surely, changed if you prefer other tones. You may change the template as you wish. Just follow the download link, leave you email, get the template and start your creativity realization. The template is just one step forward, still it gives you the pretty chance to do this step right now!

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Free jQuery Autocomplete Plugins to Fetch Keyword Suggestions

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Good usability is one of the most important aspects one should keep in mind if he/she has an online project. No matter how good your project is if your visitors face some troubles while searching for the needed information, they may leave in order to find more simple ways. And what if we speak not about possible drawbacks, but possible benefits? Let’s look at the issue from a different angle. The more benefits you can offer your potential clients, the bigger your chances for success are.

That is the reason of constant improvements we come across. Some of them seem to be so natural that we are even surprised if there are websites which still lack them.

Below we offer you to choose a suitable jQuery Autocomplete Plugin, if you haven’t yet enriched your website with this useful feature. One more benefit you can add right now. Let your visitors enjoy your website without drawing their attention away. Besides, all the Plugins below are free and the latest ones. So you will manage to improve your website and keep up with the times without wasting your time and money. All you need to do is just to take a glance and download the Free jQuery Autocomplete Plugin you find to be the most suitable one for your project. Website visitors will, surely, appreciate your desire to turn your online project into user-friendly one.

jQuery Auto-Complete & Auto-Suggest Text Input


* * *

jQuery Ajax Autocomplete Plugin For Input Fields


* * *


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Free jQuery Travel Theme with Image Slider and Caption Hover Effect

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Today we have a pleasant surprise for you! We want you to discover an absolutely new approach to free website templates. Have a look and enjoy modern design enriched with cool navigation. From now on we will share with you goodies that demonstrate latest design tendencies.

Let’s check this one! Today we share with you Free jQuery Travel Theme. It will please you with an attractive camera slider (rich with various transition effects), SuperFish Drop Down Menu, back-to-top button, tabbed navigation.

There are also cute filter options on Tours page which will be very useful for your clients search and eye-catching gallery with stunning pictures. Contact Form, Newsletter Form – we did our best to foresee all you may need. This template will be a perfect one for a traveling agency, but you can also use it for camping, hiking, or tourism.



free website template

Just follow the download link, leave your e-mail and get the free website template. It can be easily changed in accordance with your needs even if you have little web design experience. Try the new freebie right away! Make the most of all the improvements we did for your convenience!

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