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It is already impossible to imagine everyday life without Internet. It has become a natural part of all spheres we deal with. We use a greate number of Internet gadgets that are web-friendly, but still differ from one another because of screen resolution. Some websites can not be reflected properly just because they just cannot adjust to this or that resolution, and that is why some meaningful parts or design conception can be destroyed. But progress doesn’t stay on the same place and a brilliant solution of the problem – responsive design – has changed the situation.

Now you may serve your site to mobiles, tablets, netbooks and other handheld devices. Responsive design is the easiest and the best way to keep up with times. And one more possibility to simplify the situation is to pay attention to a brand-new product line of Responsive Joomla 2.5 Templates. TemplateMonster offers you templates that will easily adapt to all devices’ types saving your website construction and being absolutely user-friendly.

You are as well welcome to get into the gallery and check out TemplateMonster’s Responsive WordPress, Responsive Drupal and Responsive JavaScript Animated templates.

Keep in mind that all responsive Joomla 2.5 templates are compatible with previous versions of Joomla. On the whole, Responsive Joomla Templates include several layouts optimized for various screen resolutions. Four primary screen resolutions are:

desktop layout (980px);
tablet layout (768px);
smartphone layout – landscape (480px);
smartphone layout – portrait (320px).

Just resize your browser window and you will see Joomla design in action. Browse Responsive Joomla Templates gallery right now, choose one you find the most suitable for you and create your fully-responsive website.

Photography Responsive Joomla Template #39308

Responsive Joomla Template

* * *

Business Responsive Joomla Template #39290

Responsive Joomla Template

* * *


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Free Facebook Covers – Single Use Offer From TemplateMonster

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Today we want to give you a nice chance for your business highlight on the most popular social network – and that is a range of Free Facebook Covers. This business oriented product, being avalable as a one-time offer, has no special category where you can get more of such covers. TemplateMonster’s designers made their best to provide you with this nice solution and help you avoid some of laborious aspects presenting your brand page on Facebook. You can refresh your Facebook profile in the Timeline thus becoming more original and easier recognized by your clients.

Bright Facebook Cover will help you stand out from the crowd in the shortest period of time. Just download archive of Free Facebook Covers that contains .PSD and .JPG formats of these covers, the file sources feature the images from TemplateMonster’s photo bank. The images from the covers you find in the post will differ from those in the archive because they are just visual examples of the idea of your brand page presentation.

Business Free Facebook Cover

Free Facebook Cover

* * *

Restaurant Free Facebook Cover

Free Facebook Cover

* * *


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OpenCart Templates for eCommerce Business

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OpenCart appears to be one of the most popular platforms that are used today in the sphere of eCommerce, as it gives a perfect possibility to start online store business in a quick and effortless manner. Combining the best features of this shopping cart, the new OpenCart templates will be, at the same time, your step forward towards attractive and remarkable online eCommerce presence.

OpenCart templates as the new product line was already represented by TemplateMonster with all benefits – you are welcome to look through them just by following the link. Users will be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to customize and manage OpenCart stores working with OpenCart themes and their improved modules. As what you are proposed are refined design, original website style, well thought-out color range – all these aspects became a reliable platform for outstanding OpenCart templates creation, quickly increasing their popularity.Any kind of online stores can be made live by means of these templates in the shortest period of time, making the most of your efforts and working potential. TemplateMonster suggest you to view their constantly growing collection of OpenCart themes so you can choose any design you wish. Just to make you more interested or maybe to simplify your search, we offer you some of the most remarkable OpenCart templates gathered in a showcase.

Books Store OpenCart Template

OpenCart template

* * *

Clothes Apparel OpenCart Template

OpenCart template

* * *


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Free Website Template for Horse Club with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect

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Routine destroys creativity and artistic perception of the world. Hobby is the best treatment from this disease and if you have a chance to turn your hobby into your business you are a lucky one!
Let us propose you a ready solution to implement this idea. We want to share with you Free Website Template for Horse Club with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect. It is great possibility to discover your inner world for others inviting them to its bright and unique circle.

This free website template has a remarkable design with well thought-out color range, effective accents and graphic elements that are perfectly added with dark background. You will easily impress your potential clients by means of Zoomer Effect that helps enjoy the real beauty of photos and nice functional slider that will represent your images in a proper way. Whole complication of the images can be found in a gallery section.

free website template

To download this Free Website Template for Horse Club with jQuery Slider and Zoomer Effect with PSD source files you should visit Free Website Template download page at TemplateMonster and type your email address (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Your world is worth of these bright colors of success!

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TemplateMonster Offers Stoсk & Vector Design Bundle

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We know how to uplift your mood! Today we will give you some perfect news – TemplateMonster presents wonderful offer for designers providing Stoсk & Vector Design Bundle with a multitude of professional design items. You are welcome to buy it as a standalone product for a price of $247 or to get it for a lower price ($59) with any TemplateMonster’s product.

Having chosen a template, in the shopping cart you will discover the bundle marked as a related product to the template already chosen by you. In this case you will get it at a discounted price together with the template you are to buy.

Stoсk & Vector Design Bundle

The bundle consists of:

495 creative vector elements from (37 individual packs with abstract, seamless, grunge and nature elements and patterns);
50 stock photos of your choice from DepositPhotos (any 50 hi-res images from the huge collection of 6,000,000+ stock photos).

So, you have a choice to save 75% getting the bundle as an addition to your new template or you can just buy it for the whole price. In any case you have a perfect chance to enrich your design library with original and creative design items!

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