The Best 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices

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Hi fellows! We are going to continue our Android topic. This time we would like to pay attention to the Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices. Android stock browser is a very effective mobile browser that includes a great deal of useful features. Among them are: supporting multiple windows option, bookmaking and some social sharing stuff.

Opera Mini Browser for Android

Nowadays such famous companies as Firefox or Opera also present their alternative mobile browsers. You can easily download these browsers in your mobile and try them out.
Today we would like to help you to make a right choice. The reason is that presently we have such a situation on the Android browsers market that might frustrate ordinary users. It is hard to choose one product considering the fact that there are 4 almost equal browsers: Opera, Firefox, Dolphin and Skyfire. We will do our best to clarify this situation. Everything you need to do is to read carefully this very useful article about Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Devices. Make a cup of coffee or tea, take your the most convenient seat and enjoy reading! Dont forget to drop us a line!


11 Android Apps for Freelancers

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Hi guys! As far as you have known, our goal is to make this blog useful for you. That’s why we do our best and discuss as much different topics as we can. This time we decided to pay attention to some problems that freelancers may be faced with. From this post you will find our all necessary info about 11 Android Apps for Freelancers that include:

-Time Tracking Apps
-Task Management Apps
-Expenses Management Apps

Android Apps for Freelancers

The best advice for all who want to get great results in their work is simple: you should organize your workflow properly and freelancer is not an exception. Make use of everything you can. In order to be in touch with your clients and get your tasks all the time – you can use mobile phones with good operating system. Without doubt mobile phones play a great role in workflow and became real helpers for freelancers. If you want to make use of all mobile phones advantages it is advisable to pay attention to Android Apps for Freelancers. These are the must have tools for those who are always on the move.
So we are glad to welcome you to browse these 11 Android Apps for Freelancers that are aimed to make your life easier.

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Negative Space in Web Design

Today we are going to speak about Negative Space. Lets start from the definition. Negative Space is the empty space within the actual space. So what does it mean? It is such a space that is not used, for example between different elements on a web page, the area between text blocks, images, columns, paragraphs, lines, letters, and words, headers, footers, and just about everything else on a website.

Negative Space

The other name of negative space is White space. Don’t be confused with this. Negative space is not restricted by the white colour. The term “white space” simply came from the printing practice in which white paper is generally used.
Professional web designers need to take into consideration both: positive and negative spaces. It is very important to use properly negative space in order not to overcrowd the layout. Densely packed web themes are not comfortable for your website visitors, it can even scare away your potential readers or customers. (more…)

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20 mobile web design tutorials

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Nowadays mobile technologies gain their popularity every day. Mobiles are not only useful tool for communication and entertainment. Sometimes it seems that mobile enslaves you and you feel miserable if you’ve forgotten it at home. But let’s speak about other possibility of this device. It’s no secret that a great deal of business owners use mobile Internet to promote their products.

Mobile Web Design Tutorials

The term mobile web design isn’t new nevertheless it is hard to find out a useful information as well as tutorials that would be helpful for both web designers and mobile web developers. So we made our best and selected only the most useful 20 mobile web design tutorials for you.
You will surely find here a great deal of interesting info. Our 20 mobile web design tutorials are aimed to help you to enrich your knowledge. So do not want to distract you more. You are welcome to browse through this amazing collection of 20 mobile web design tutorials. Good luck with your projects!

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Free Website Template with Slider and Expressive Typography

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Hi guys! Great news! Our friend Templatemonster announced about the new concept of their Free Website Templates that are presented for you every week. The designers from TemplateMonster promise to gladden us with a new feature that will be integrated in all templates that will be produced during this month. It means that every month you will have a splendid opportunity to download 4 or 5 Free Website Templates absolutely for free and all these web themes will have one similar feature. For example: galleries (of various types), typography, cool backgrounds, creative navigation tools, etc. So be ready for the new stuff! New month – new feature!

Free Website Template with Slider and Expressive Typography

This time we want to share with you this Free Website Template with Slider and Expressive Typography. As far as you have already guessed this template’s feature is a creative typography. So during this month you can download a collection of professionally made Free Website Templates with different kinds of typography.

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