Social Media Websites in Infographics

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Hi guys! As usual we want to ask you something and hope your answer will be honest. Have you ever thought that you are an addicted person? Nowadays the Internet and social media websites became a popular drug for almost everyone. It doesn’t matter who are you and what are you. Just calculate how many hours per day do you spend on the net. Yeap, sometimes it is really hard to notice how deeply you are involved in Facebook, Twitter or other famous social media giants.
Social Media Websites Infographics
Without doubt you can get a great deal of useful and necessary information from social media websites, nevertheless think about the reverse of the medal. You waste your time on reading unavailing posts on Twitter or playing different games on Facebook (someone even pays money for online games to get extra bonuses).
Of course we don’t want to be a kind of strict parents for you and judge you. We ask you just to think about this problem. Also we want to show you the great selection of some various social media infographics about Twitter, Facebook as well as other social media websites that are wellknown worldwide.

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15 Downloadable Free Design Magazines

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Hi fellows! Great to see you again! As usual we want to enrich your collection of useful freebies. Today we are glad to present you a new way of getting an inspiration. This post we’ve decided to dedicate to the best collection of 15 Downloadable Free Design Magazines.

Downloadable Free Design Magazine

Downloadable Free Design Magazines are real helpers for web designers. You can read them online but most of them have a PDF format that makes it possible to download Free Design Magazines immediately. As for today you can easily find a great amount of different Downloadable Free Design Magazines on the net. We’ve made our best and choose only the most valuable and useful from them. Hope our unique selection will become a great source of inspiration for you.
So keep in mind that Downloadable Free Design Magazines is not only a great way to relax and read interesting content but also an opportunity to spend your time usefully and find out a great deal of essential tips.

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QR Codes – Useful Business Tool

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QR Code
Hi guys! Today we are going to speak about Quick Response codes. We are pretty sure that you’ve heard about them. Nevertheless let’s find out some facts.
The history of QR code started in 1994 when the first Quick Response code was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave. And now 15 years later we see that this creative invention causes a real boom worldwide in marketing.
What is QR code? First of all it is a really useful tool that enables you to save your time. Quick Response code looks like a small image that can be scanned with your mobile phone. If you want to do so – you need to install a free application to the mobile device.

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20 Free Stunning iPad Wallpapers

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So, you are a lucky owner of the new and shiny hi-tech miracle called iPad? Well, we are glad for you and assume that you may find useful our next post. Sometimes it is hard to find original and catchy wallpaper for your iPad and we’ve collected some of most popular free wallpapers for iPad. Hope you’ll like it and download few nice to your iPad and make it more unique. Of course feel free to share your favorite free wallpapers – we would love to include those in our collection.

1. Koenigsegg CCX



2. Snowy Hills




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Best GIMP Tutorials

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Hi fellows! This post we’ve decided to dedicate to GIMP. Nowadays a great deal of people use GIMP. We are sure you know that GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is a free software raster graphics editor that can be use as good alternative to Photoshop. The greatest benefit of GIMP is that it is absolutely cost free and there is no need to pay a lot of money to get a licensed version like with Photoshop. Without doubt GIMP editor has its weak points nevertheless due to a great variety of advantages you’ll surely create cool stuff with special effects in no time. If you have any questions – the huge GIMP community are always happy to help.

GIMP Tutorial

So now we are happy to present you our unique selection of the best GIMP tutorials. We’ve collected only the most useful GIMP tutorials and tips that enables you to enrich your knowledge and learn something new. We’ll be glad if these GIMP tutorials inspire you to create something amazing and breathtaking. Feel free to browse it and visit us more often as we enrich our collection of useful stuff daily. We are always glad to hear news from you – so don’t forget to drop us a line. Have a great day!

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