New Amazing Tumblr Themes at TemplateMonster

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The hottest news from TemplateMonster! The team is glad to announce the launch of a new product type – premium Tumblr themes. Nowadays Tumblr is among the most famous microblogging platforms. It is easy to use and allows users effortlessly share anything: text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio at their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Also users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private.

So TemplateMonster team presents Tumblr themes of premium quality that were made by professional designers, which is pretty much a common thing for all TemplateMonster products. Also you will be pleasantly surprised with how it is easy to customize these themes and to install on Tumblr.

Tumblr templates

You can find a great number of companies that prefer to use Tumblr instead of setting up on their own weblogs. May be you are puzzled why is it so? The reason is simple. Tumblog is much more easier to maintain compared to a full-fledged blog site. For this reason the great amount of Tumblr users is increasing daily.

You are welcome to browse this unique collection of custom-made premium Tumblr themes. Choose one that best suits your business and create an eye-catching and users friendly blog in no time. In case you have already had Tumblr blog – you can easily renovate it within several minutes.


15 Inspiring YouTube Backgrounds

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Being one of the most popular and most visited resources in the Internet YouTube continues to grow its army of fans. Today we decided to show you some really inspiring and originally design backgrounds for your YouTube channel. I’m sure that you have seen many channels that have got their own unique backgrounds and now it is time to take a look at some free design goodies for the YouTube fans. Enjoy this wonderful collection and feel free to share your favorite ones with us – we would be glad to take a look at those.

1. Sketches


* * *

2. Love


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20 Free Magento Themes

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Today Magento is among the most widely used ecommerce platforms. It is a great solution for online business of any kind. The popularity of Magento shopping cart application is still growing daily. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this post to the great collection of 20 free Magento themes. Without doubt you can find a great amount of premium Magento templates on the web, nevertheless we think you should pay attention to these freebies of high quality. Hope they will be useful for your online projects.
Free Magento Theme

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8 Best Security Plugins for WordPress

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Hi guys! Before we start our today’s discussion – please answer some essential questions. Is a blog security important for you? Has your blog been ever hacked? Do you know the best security plugins for WordPress?
Presently WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the net. It’s being used by thousands of people all around the world. That’s why WordPress developers take security question very seriously. May be you’ll be lucky not to face with blogs protection problem. But keep in mind these great words: Better safe than sorry!
So for those who want to find out how to protect their wordpress blogs we have a great list of useful plugins that are easy to install and manage. Without doubt you cant be sure that after all your blog will get 100% protection. Plugins are not powerful enough to protect you from everything, we can only minimize the possible intrusions with their help. Before using such plugins you need to be very attentive and carefully read all the information about each of them in order to be sure that it will suit your WordPress version.
Now it is a great time to secure and protect your blog from outside enemies and general bad guys such as: hackers, spammers, etc. So here it is this awesome list of 8 efficient security plugins for WordPress that is aimed to help you to make the protection of your blog more stronger.

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Free Music Band Static Facebook Template

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Hey folks! The fresh awesome news for Facebook users. Today we are glad to present you this Music Band Static Facebook Theme. You can easily find Flash XML or Flash CMS templates in our previous posts but this time we offer you something new. It is a Free Static Facebook Template with a help of which you are able to stand out among other Facebook pages.
If you fed up with using the same Facebook Skins and Layouts in yours profiles it is a great time to express yourself! Free Music Band Static Facebook Template brings vivid emotions of music power and energy to your facebook page. It was created to meet all your specific needs and demands.

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