25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face Rule

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Are you the one of those “lucky” web designers that still remember those dark times when there was a lack of available fonts for clear self-expression? In fact these times were not so long ago and many of us tormented with titles trying to transform them into an image format and then paste them on the web pages. It took much time and demanded much server space.

And now it is time of great changes, when web developers can use mostly any fonts they like without worries about how they would paste these fonts on the web. Starting from Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome 2, Opera 10 and Safari 3.1 @font-face rule comes to be very popular among web developers. Since that time and till now web developers and web designers got a chance to modify web pages’ outlook at their will. It means that you are free to use fonts that have not been installed by a user.

25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face Rule

Undoubtedly the main aim of this CSS rule is to make the web the best place to spend time and get inspiration for web developers and ordinary Internet users. To convince you of the truth of our words we offer you to review the round-up of 25 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face compiled by TemplateMonster Blog team. We are sure that you’ll appreciate this selection greatly and you’ll find some cool examples for yourself.

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Water Drop Photography – Clear and Gentle World View

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Water Drop Photography – Clear and Gentle World View

When it is raining outside the mood is blue and you are desperate to kick or bite somebody just to stop seeing this gray joyless rain drops outside the window. But at the moment you stand still and have an eye on the window where drizzling drops dance to the music of the wind. And the moroseness around you fades away and you find yourself smiling – you are calm and happy. You can imagine you’re one of those drops and vanish deep into the blue waters of ocean or have a rest on a flower petal. The whole world can live in you and you may be the part of the Earth.

But it’s just a mirage. Now you should behave according to the reality and leave your sweet dreams. And if you don’t have any water nearby then dream with our Water Drop Photography. They will help you to relax. Be inspired!

World Without Words

Rain Drop Photography

* * *


Rain Drop Photography

* * *


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15 Online Video Editing Tools

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Moviegoers and YouTube fans, we offer you to create professional looking videos without any extra efforts and complicated software. With 15 Online Video Editing Tools which are presented in the TemplateMonster’s recent post you can create, modify and share your video files with the whole world. Create your own inimitable video clips to impress friends and attract other people with your short movies on you video blog for example.

Online Video Editing Tools

Not so long ago it was hard to believe that in the nearest future we’ll not only watch cool “hand-made” videos but we will smoothly create our own masterpieces and demonstrate them to everyone on the web at all fling. And now it is our reality and we are sure that all of you like to burn the time watching popular amateur clips on YouTube for example (or maybe you have the other favorite media resource).

With the help of these online video editing tools you’ll save your time and efforts, improve your skills in video editing or at least you’ll please yourself. Undoubtedly the quality of your videos will be much better than earlier. So we guess you will find a little time to check out the TemplateMonster’s list of online video editing tools.

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Free HTML5 Business Website Template from TemplateMonster

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It’s always pleasant to get some product for nothing. Thereby you may save a certain sum of money and get what you wish at the same time. And it’s a pity if the thing you are looking for turns out non-serviceable. So you should be very attentive when getting some freebie especially if you are going to start you business on the Internet. Among myriads of free website themes on the web you should choose the most qualitative and professionally done ones. You should take into consideration all your wishes and needs and compare them with the chosen template’s system capabilities. It’s a pity but you may find yourself very tired, vexed and without the website theme which will suit you.

Free HTML5 Website Template

To help you not to lose the time on the Internet we are glad to inform you that TemplateMonster is willing to solve the problem of web templates searching. These cool guys have prepared a new Free HTML5 Business Website Template for your convenient online living. With this awesome theme you will not have to turn red in the face before your visitors. The template is easy in use and at the same time it looks great. Mild lines and shapes of the layout make a good showing. So don’t hesitate and visit the TemplateMonster blog’s free HTML5 website template to know how to get the cool freebie.

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New Photoshop Tutorials of 2010

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Adobe Photoshop is a rather popular software in the wide community of web designers. Millions of novices and advanced users like this simple resourceful program which gives them an opportunity to modify ready-made images and photos or to create new designs. You may feel like you’re a God creating new fantastic worlds and changing universes that already exist. Push the button and the rough river will flow in the middle of the desert and fairy butterflies will flit all around. But very often we don’t know how to design what we have in mind and how to make the image revive. In such cases professional Photoshop Tutorials are of a great need because they can guide us through a multitude of different program functions without any fails. It is rather convenient and easy to follow these tips and create a masterpiece.

Freah Photoshop Tutorials

But the problem is that there are thousands of Photoshop tutorials all over the Internet and you can not always say which of them is good at the first glance. That’s why from time to time our good friends from TemplateMonster make different round-ups of highly professional Photoshop tutorials to make your digital existence easier and more pleasant. And what’s the best part of this is that these tutorials are really fresh and new – they were all created within August-October 2010. So even if you’re a Photoshop design professional you are still very likely to find something new for yourself in this list of awesome Photoshop tutorials.

And this time again you are presented 30 really worthy tutorials which will enrich your knowledge and skills in photo manipulations.

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