Free HTML5 Website Template for Hosting Companies

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If you are going to provide some business through the Internet then you need to have a professional medium to communicate through the web. And a quality well-done website is the best solution for prosperous business. It is particularly important if you want to start you own hosting company.

And this week you have a chance to become a happy owner of the Free HTML5 Template for Hosting Website from Bright color scheme, stylish and suitable layout and credible appearance make a great tandem and can bring you success and popularity among Internet community.

And now it is time to see the Free HTML5 Website Template for Hosting Companies with your own eyes:.

Free HTML5 Website Template

As always you are welcome to download the freebie in two ways: with PSD source files or without them. If you need HTML sources only then you should click on the theme screenshot at and then save the package on your PC. But if you need PSD source files then you should visit the TenplateMonster free HTML5 website template download page and type your email address that you want the template package to be delivered to.

Now you are welcome to use the free HTML5 website template at your discretion

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The Most Conspicuous Blog Design Trends

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Not so long ago there were times when blogs were just simple pages on the web. They did not pretend to be something special and outstanding. It was just a manner of self expression and some sort of communication. But those days are long gone.

Nowadays it’s not only the way of self presentation to the Internet community. From the small means of entertainment for individuals blogs have turned into a total obsession. A new huge online industry grew around blogs. And as any sphere it has its own leaders and trendsetters, fashion trends and lows of life. There is a great quantity of different platforms, plugins, themes, widgets and manuals existing for all kinds of blogs. So it does not matter whether you are an advanced developer or not. Still you will find all necessities on the web.

But today we are talking about the most conspicuous blog design trends. In fact, this interesting article is written by TemplateMonster Blog experts and we are just sharing the news with you.

11 incredible design tendencies have been gathered there:

  • Oversized Headers;
  • Enough White Space;
  • Newspaper Style;
  • Typography Advanced;
  • Themed Layout;
  • Grid Based Designs;
  • Elements Transparency;
  • Perspective and Depth;
  • Huge Images;
  • Info Boxes;
  • Centric Layouts.

The Most Conspicuous Blog Design Trends

We hope that this information will help you to make a choice of design of your future or present blog. We’ll be glad to know your thoughts about Blog Design Trends in the comments.

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Free HTML5 Real Estate Website Template

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If you are going to start some online business or planning to expand the boundaries of the existing one then you need to build a highly professional website. But it is impossible without having a well-done and nice-looking website theme which will please you and make your visitors trust you.

And today TemplateMonster Blog presents you the Free HTML5 Real Estate Website Template. Its user-friendly layout looks really great and you will appreciate the simplicity of the theme managing.

Free HTML5 Website Template

This template can be downloaded in two ways: with PSD source files included or without them. If you need HTML sources only then click on the template image at the TemplateMonster post page. All files will be saved to your computer immediately. If you want to have PSD source files too then type your email address on the free HTML5 real estate website template download page at And don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file.

After all you may feel free to use the freebie for your business. You should just remember that the product is not intended for reselling. There are no more limits in free HTML5 real estate website template usage so good luck!

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20 Flash Sites for Your Inspiration

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We often feature beautifully designed websites and we thought you might like some Flash sites too. First of all, these websites are unique and creative, but that’s not all. Each of them will impress you with its navigation and usability. So we encourage you to visit all Flash Sites listed below and not just take a look at their screenshots. To do this, you should simply click on the images in this article.

In fact, the following Flash sites have been created in different parts of the world and once you see them, you’ll understand what trends are hot right now when it comes to Flash designs. Just to name a few trends: typography, big images, simple intuitive navigation, horizontal scrolling, interactive designs, real life effects, etc. Now please enjoy amazing Flash sites and learn what trends they follow.



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HTML5 Templates from – 20% Discount!!!

Do you need a professionally-done and nice-looking HTML5 Website Template? If you are looking for it then visit TemplateMonster’s HTML5 templates category to get a stunning theme with 20% OFF! This splendid offer will last till October 15th, so you still have enough time to choose something special to create the website of your cherished dreams.

If you have never worked with HTML5 Templates and you are unsure that you are able to cope with this markup language then we can assure you that templates editing process is surprisingly nice and easy. Undoubtedly you’ll enjoy working with this advancing web standard as millions of web professionals and website developers do all over the world.

Here we are glad to present one of over 200 HTML5 designs. We are sure that you’ll find the very template you need among such a variety of discounted themes.  And we bet you’ll enjoy the Template Monster coupon.

And there is something else we want to inform you about! There is a number of free HTML5 templates from TemplateMonster that are also being offered. And during the days of a promo will please us with new HTML5 templates. Including the free ones, the brand new free HTML5 template has already been released on October 4th and you still have a unique chance to download the free HTML5 template for industrial business. This highly professional theme is available in two variants: with PSD source files included and without them. If you need more details then go to TemplateMonster Blog.

And right now you are welcome to browse through the discounted themes collection and to win your way with your premium HTML5 website template from

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