How to Improve Your Website Performance

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We are living the times of urban jungles outside the window, fast iron birds which can carry you anywhere on their strong wings and virtual digital reality. Our life is getting faster every year and it seems that Earth itself starts going round with more and more speed. And in such dynamic conditions you cannot afford to waste your precious time on endless waiting for website to load. So it is natural that web community is in search of rather simple and effective ways to improve a website performance.

And today we are glad to inform you that has paid some time to this issue and as a result the list of 10 Practices to Speed Up your Website was presented to us. We suggest you to review these ones very attentively and try to use some of tips at least.

Internet is rather huge and it contains tons of different iterative information. You can hardly offer something exclusive and extraordinary to your visitors. Mostly all the things can be found somewhere else on the web so don’t make people wait and take some efforts to accelerate your website loading process. And 10 Practices from TemplateMonster will help you greatly in it.

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Free Scary and Cute Wallpapers for Halloween 2010

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The daffy and sleepless Halloween night is approaching and everybody is waiting impatiently for a moment when they will play cruel jokes on friends and neighbors. “Trick or treat!” – And the party starts.

The miracle night will whirl you in a crazy rampant dance with horror figures of evil dickens, young witches, black cats, laughing skeletons, smoky ghosts, bloody zombies and other devilry. But all these entertainment will be later and now you just have prepared your Halloween mask and are waiting impatiently. But don’t be sad! Until the holiday comes let’s decorate your computer desktop with scary and funny Halloween attributes. In this article we offer you to choose one of free scary and cute wallpapers for Halloween 2010. Here we have sorted out some interesting wallpapers (from our point of view of course) to facilitate your preparation process for the happy Halloween night.

And now enjoy yourself!

Horror Skeletons Wallpaper by ghostserver

Free Halloween Wallpaper

Resolution: 1600*1200

* * *

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper by seventhfury

Free Halloween Wallpaper

Resolution: 10 Size Versions are available

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Free Website Template for Business Projects

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If you are going to start you online business then naturally you are looking for a professionally done website template which will satisfy your needs and wishes. Moreover you may try to find some free theme on the Internet. And at this stage you will face the problem of a great supply of twin obscure business website templates. To help you to solve this problem TemplateMonster decided to launch the new awesome Free Website Template for Business Projects.

Free Busines Website Template

This one is created for active dynamic business activity so you will not have any troubles with website management. You will appreciate an easy and understandable template structure and your visitor will like a favorable layout and mild color scheme of the website.

If you like the Free Business Website Template then you are welcome to download it in two ways: with PSD source files or without them. If you need HTML sources only then click on the theme image at TemplateMonster post page directly. The template package will be saved on your computer without any delays. In case you want to have PSD sources too then visit the Free Website Template for Business Project download page at TemplateMonster and type your email address there. Very soon your free download link will be delivered to this email. And there you have it – you are a happy owner of nice free business website theme.

Make the process of website creation easier and quicker with the nice freebie – the Free Website Template for Business Projects from TemplateMonster Blog.

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Scary Photoshop Tutorials for the Halloween 2010

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Are you going to celebrate the most horrifying, mysterious and funny night of the whole year? Most of us are waiting for the Halloween time with sinking heart. At the evening all streets will be crowded with children and young ladies and gentleman masked in evil spirit costumes. And it would be not bad to surprise your friends not only with your appearance but with original postcards too. And of course it is wished to have something special for this matter, something that will show your warm and attentive treatment to the person you great. So self-made cards will be the great solution for you!

Now we offer you to review some scary Photoshop tutorials for your creative work on the eve of Halloween. Here you may find some photo and text manipulations for the most realistic effect. Your friends will be astonished with the cool Halloween greeting cards which are made with their photos. Don’t loose such a chance to be in the centre of holiday attention.

And now, review awesome Halloween Photoshop tutorials and choose something for your taste!

Photoshop: Halloween Jack-o-Lantern in Photoshop


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50% Discount Promo on Turnkey Websites 2.0

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As you know pleases us with different promos very often. And now the time for a next discount has come. TemplateMonster offers you to purchase their Turnkey Websites 2.0 with an unbelivable 50% discount. Brand new 54 templates are presented to your attention and they are waiting for the moment for you to become their owner. (Please note that the price of any Turnkey Website 2.0 includes the design and a one-year license for CMS usage.) The fantastic promo will last only two weeks so hurry up!

Turnkey Website 2.0 - 50% Discount

We can assure you that every Turnkey Website 2.0 contains powerfull CMS with symple feature-rich editing and design tools. If you want to know more detailed information then we offer you to review the list of main template’s features:

  • premium front-end design;
  • complete pre-made website with industry-optimized default texts;
  • fully flexible and editable layout;
  • user friendly and easy to use back-end;
  • advanced menu editor;
  • extended base of existing widgets;
  • improved admin panel interface;
  • WYSIWYG control with no more code editing;
  • complete pre-made and fully editable contact form;
  • no limits for boxes or the content;
  • ability to choose a third-party hosting;
  • web master assistance;
  • better SEO of final website and more.

But you may be scared a little bit in case you don’t have enough experience in website building. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. Turnkey Websites 2.0 are very easy in use. It contains all the necessary tools right in the admin panel. You need just a few seconds to replace the defaul content with your own.

So don’t waste time and choose something at your taste!

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