Exclusive After Effects Tutorials from TemplateMonster

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If you are not a professional in working with video files but you want to make your project more dynamic and memorable then this post is exactly for you. You have a chance to shake and to dust off your videos, to make them come to life with the help of After Effects Tutorials from TemplateMonster.

Professionals from TemplateMonster prepared a few tutorials for those who want to improve their skills in manipulating any kind of movies and to start working with Adobe After Effects software (before you begin, make sure that you have the software required).

After Effects Tutorials

Recently TemplateMonster team launched the collection of After Effects Logo Reveals and it becomes extremely popular. That’s why these guys decided not to rest on their laurels and to create After Effects Tutorials and to publish them in two stages. You can look through the first two examples in After Effects Tutorials Part 1. From the post you’ll know how to make particles that are flowing around the sphere (it can be made in two ways. You are welcome to choose the one you like more). After Effects Tutorials Part 2 will show you how to break a picture into pieces and how to create particles which will fly around the sphere.

As a bonus for the most curious users there are freebies in both articles. You may use them as you wish at any time (but you shouldn’t resell it.)

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35 Hottest VirtueMart Templates

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In this new age of ecommerce, more and more people choose VirtueMart for their online stores. Partly it’s because VirtueMart comes with a number of essential features, including performance, usability and security. Also, it happens due to the fact that VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce software that should be used with Joomla CMS; and as we know Joomla has now become one of the most trusted content management systems.

If you want to go into an online business and you would like your online store powered by VirtueMart, you should start with the following: at first, learn what VirtueMart is about and secondly check out the best VirtueMart Templates that are available so far.

In case you are familiar with VirtueMart and know how this powerful E-Commerce solution can help your online business grow, we suggest you to choose the design for your online store. With this in mind we provide a list of 35 VirtueMart Templates. Not only these VirtueMart Templates are beautifully designed but come from different template providers. So, you don’t need to search multiple websites when you are looking for the hottest VirtueMart Templates.

VirtueMart Templates by TemplateMonster.com

VirtueMart Template #1

clothing virtuemart template



The Websites to See Speech Bubbles On

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Recently we have been impressed by the number of websites using
speech bubbles and speech clouds. This has inspired us to select the most amazing websites of this kind and feature them here.

So we are pleased to highlight 20 websites that come with speech bubble icons, speech bubble illustrations and other speech bubble graphics. We believe speech bubbles are used to attract visitors’ attention and to make the website more welcoming and friendly. Also, a speech bubble is like a sign that the website is open for communication and has interesting information to share.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following websites as they look quite original and bright. Also, most of them are designed in cartoon style and more than likely will bring a sincere smile to your face.




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iPad Apps for Graphics

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It’s hard to believe that a beginning of selling of iPad started only in early April 2010. The Apple Company announced that during the first day after the launch 300 thousand iPad units were sold. It is said that there were more than 1 million applications downloaded from the net and till now the new apps which are made especially for iPad appear. In order not to lose yourself in a sea of uncountable iPad utilities we propose you to look through a selection of 12 iPad Apps for Graphics.

iPad Apps for designers

For every lucky owner of this magical and revolutionary device the list will be interesting and fascinating. And if you are a web designer than you’ll be more than just satisfied. Layers, text, images, multi-color gradients, brushes, fully customizable canvas styles, clipping, PDF export and awesome photo effects will be at your disposal.

Every iPad app from the list is not just a useful thing but it is a very entertaining item. Have fun when you create different masterpieces of web design somewhere out of the office. iPad gives you great opportunities and if you bring under peculiarities of this awesome trendy device you’ll be up to the mark. A quantity of iPad apps rises by leaps and bounds and you can’t catch them all. Choose your favorite category of software for iPad and try to find a perfect one. So let’s start a closer meeting with iPad Apps for Graphics.

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Video Templates Family from TemplateMonster

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Professionally done video templates can create wonders! It appears to be very easy to bring a zest into the appearance of your website and to make it more impressive, sensible and eye-catching. And recently TemplateMonster started to pay close attention to the topic! So these days you are welcome to check out the brand new Video Templates family brought by TemplateMonster.

There you will find two types of production: After Effects Intros and After Effects Logo Reveals.

After Effects Intros are here for you as a unique way to create a website which will mirror the main affection of the project you are providing. Every single visitor will at the first sight view who they are going to conduct their business with. In addition to web design After Effects Intros are perfect for special effects creation, video post-production, TV and broadcasting purposes or video ads production.

After Effects Intros

The latest media product from TemplateMonster – After Effects Logo Reveals – presents you the limitless possibilities in a logo design. Your clients will be impressed with how the logo of the site is appearing. High quality animation and pleasant music will conquer everybody.

After Effects Logo Intros

Both products of Video Templates Family are presented in full HD quality (HD 1080). So you shouldn’t bother about how your logo or intros will look. Everything will be professionally animated and look very trust-worthy.

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