25 HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques

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Have you ever used HTML5 markup language arranging some Internet project? If you have not than a list of 25 HTML5 tutorials and techniques is exactly for you. If you are familiar with this new technology (it was presented to the Internet community in early 2008) or if you are a master in it than the list is still for you. It is good for every user with any skills level. There is no doubt that you’ll find here something new and useful for yourself. TemplateMonster Blog has arranged HTML5 tutorials for making your work with the markup language more easy and convenient. You shouldn’t browse the World Wide Web to find the very thing you need. Just look through the list of HTML5 tutorials and techniques and use the right one.

25 HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques

The previous version of HTML markup language is in the distant past in comparison to its alternatives. That’s why HTML5 was made as a means of optimizing HTML for needs of dynamic world of web. And nowadays many different tips for HTML5 are walking around the Internet. Now, have a glance at the list of 25 HTML5 tutorials and techniques and we are sure you’ll find a thing you’d never seen before.

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Mobile e-Commerce Platforms

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Mobile e-Commerce Platforms Mobile phones have come into our lives tightly and nobody can imagine their daily without this little jingling devices. You may dream about a calm quite rest somewhere far away from civilization without your handset but you’ll never experience it because the mobile has become your friend, your ticket to the world of news and music, chats and publicity and from some time to shopping.

But there is a little problem – whatever awesome handset or smartphone you have your purchasing opportunities are limited with peculiarities of shop sites. Most of e-Commerce platforms were made for PC only and can be hardly optimized from mobile users. It means that a part of potential buyers browse past Internet shops and this means the store owners may say bye-bye to revenue. E-Commerce community appeared to be not ready for the total demand on mobile e-Commerce services.

To fill the gap there has appeared a new sphere, named m-Commerce. It presents an opportunity to everybody to look through available goods, compare them with each other and shop from any place and at any time. You are not tied to your PC anymore!

There is a list of the most popular mobile e-Commerce platforms which was arranged by TemplateMonster Blog team. Frankly speaking the list of such products seems to be complite.

By the way, the company has ran mad about mobile optimized web technologies and if you are interested in the topic you should follow the company activity.

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Mobile Websites That Match the Best Websites of 2009

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Not long ago Time.com published an article entitled 50 Best Websites 2009. The article was to promote the most popular websites of the past year. It featured bookmark and social network sites, online stores and search engines, etc.

Why have we mentioned this article? That’s because it made us think how many of the best websites have mobile clones. In other words, we decided to find out if the best websites of 2009 look fine to those people who use mobile phones to browse them.

It turned out that 20 of 50 best websites serve mobile versions so the visitors could access these sites whenever and wherever they want. Also, at least 10 of the best websites offer various mobile applications for their visitors and plan to go mobile soon.

And now we suggest you to browse the mobile websites and the best websites of 2009 they match up to. Note: the first image shows the website and the second image shows the mobile website.

1. Amazon.com



amazon mobile website


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Special Effects Behind-the-Scenes Videos

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How many videos did you see during last year, for example? And how many of them were interesting for you? I mean, which of the videos would you like to look at under the microscope as if it was a fabulous creature? I think there is a couple that you remember for a long period. It can be some advertising video, a film scene or even some viral video walking around the Internet.

And authors of super popular clips use your interest and make other – documental – videos in Discovery style under the slogan “How it was made and how it works”. Those are so called “making-of” or behind-the-scenes videos. They reveal a curtain of mystery and make a tale turn into reality. Behind-the-scenes videos dispel a magic of your impression but give an understanding of the process you see.

These days TemplateMonster Blog presents you a list of such making-of videos which are rather popular around the world. You are welcome to know some secrets of Hancock, Snickers, Mnet “Magic studio” and other “video stars” with the help of the behind-the-scenes videos.

Not long ago TemplateMonster Blog started a strenuous work under different video selections and the results please the eye. Now you can enjoy yourself with high-quality special effects behind-the-scenes videos.

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Back to the Past: Retro and Vintage Flash Templates

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Recently we came across a few articles featuring Retro and Vintage Flash Websites. The first article is entitled “Flash Sites with a Retro Feel” and the second “33 Retro and Vintage Flash Sites

We strongly recommend you to read these articles because there is no better way to see how Flash is mixed with retro and vintage decorating. Flash animations, when used together with retro color palettes, vintage graphics and old fonts create a stunning visual experience.

No doubt we have been amazed by Retro and Vintage Flash Websites, but at the same time we decided to find Retro and Vintage Flash Templates. Why? That’s because we thought you may need ready-to-use solutions and not just inspiration.

So here are 45 Retro and Vintage Flash Templates that you can use for creating Flash sites. Please keep in mind, each Flash Template is designed with a certain business in mind. So check out each and every one of them right now!

Flash Template #1

Flash Template - Disco Club


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