Free HTML5 Template for Design Company Website

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A free HTML5 template for design company website from TemplateMonster Blog is really 100% free to download for everybody from now one! Not long ago the company reviewed the main aspects of the new version of the world famous markup language and now it is time to present you an awesome example of HTML5-based web theme – the free HTML5 template. We hope that this item will be of a great use for your Internet project and will bring you many grateful customers.

Now we present you the most vivid features of this free template:

  • It is HTML5 and CSS3 valid;
  • The gallery in the header is done using jQuery script “RoundAbout Shapes”;
  • The slider from the “Gallery” page is created using the “loopedSlider”;
  • Custom fonts;
  • Browser Compatibility: FF 3.6 +, Opera 10.5 +, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, IE6+.

See how it looks!

Free HTML5 Temolate for Design Company Website

You can get this free HTNL5 template into two ways: with PSD source files and without them. Both ways are described in details at TemplateMonster Blog and it will not take much time. And if you want to have this theme with PSD source files don’t forget to type the email address you want the template files package to be delivered to.

Remember that this free HTML5 template for design company website was made with a view to become a basis for your own business website and it’s not intended for reselling.

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Top 16 VirtueMart Templates Providers

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E-commerce has become an increasingly effective way to do business in the modern marketplace. A strategic alternative to costly proprietary shopping cart software is to utilize products that are open source and free to use. VirtueMart is just that – a free open-source shopping cart module for Joomla CMS.

While VirtueMart is freely available to download, there still is the issue of web development and design. There are essentially two options, hire a professional web developer for custom development or elect to purchase a prepackaged VirtueMart template file. The custom development route is prone to difficulty. A professional must be contacted, hired, and managed over the course of the project. This includes a great deal of human resource management and effort that does not directly translate into the development process. Secondly, the cost associated can be high without the guarantee that the quality of work will be up to standards.

An alternative to this process of custom web development is through the purchase of VirtueMart templates. These are optimized and fully developed files that can work together to create an e-commerce website. They are specifically designed to work with the VirtueMart framework and offer a great deal of flexibility. Many VirtueMart templates are of superior quality and can be acquired for a low price – browse our ultimate list of VirtueMart template providers to pick the right one for you.

VirtueMart Template Provider




# of VirtueMart


Pricing Details

Free Pro
Template Monster

VirtueMart Templates Provider - TemplateMonster

YES YES NO 1 28 $130 – $140
Rocket Theme

VirtueMart Templates Provider - RocketTheme

NO NO YES 3 Personal Membership:

$50 – $300

VJ Templates

VirtueMart Templates Provider - VJtemplates

NO YES NO 32 $90 – $109
Template Magician

VirtueMart Templates Provider - TemplateMagician

NO YES NO 19 $105 – $110
Powered By VirtueMart

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Poweredbyvirtuemart

NO YES NO 16 $14.95 – $17.95
VM Junction

VirtueMart Templates Provider - VMjunction

NO YES NO 13 $6.95 – $19.95

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Enytheme

NO YES NO 3 €24.99

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Yagendoo

NO YES NO 2 €29.99
Joomla XTC

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Joomlaxtc

NO YES NO 1 $59.00

VirtueMart Templates Provider - Websitetemplates

YES YES NO 1 4 $65
Best VirtueMart Templates

VirtueMart Templates Provider - BestVirtueMartTemplates

YES YES NO 1 28 $130 – $140

List compiled based on the list of VirtueMart templates providers as seen on

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Fresh WordPress 3.0 Tutorials

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It is well known that after a long work the WordPress team has released a new version of famous blog platform. If there is a necessity to refresh the information you may read a review of WordPress 3.0 features at TemplateMonster blog. This version is free to download and users with earlier versions of the software can update it any time.

The 13th version of WordPress is improved but still there can be many troubles in the process of using the software. That’s why now TemplateMoncter blog team presents you a selection of long-awaited WordPress 3.0 tutorials. 11 perfect tutorials are gathered there to help you have a better insight of the details of WordPress 3.0. You’ll be taught how to install WordPress 3.0 and how to upgrade your blog to the new platform, how to use customer post types and other interesting tips. This list of WordPress 3.0 tutorials is useful both for beginner bloggers and for advanced developers.

WordPress 3.0 Tutorials

Authors of WordPress notice that the previous version of the application was downloaded from their site over 10 million times. It gives a chance to an advanced WordPress 3.0 to be more popular than the earlier blogging platform versions. And it means that WordPress 3.0 tutorials from TemplateMonster blog guys are extremely useful. Don’t lose your chance!

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Most Complete Joomla Template Providers List

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Joomla is one of the major content management systems that are available for web site owners, developers, and designers. Joomla was born out of split between the development team and the organization that they were working for. The team decided to go out on their own because of internal conflict regarding open source values and violation of agreement terms. It has been downloaded over 2.5 million times since its release.

Joomla templates are a collection of files that are designed to create a Joomla website quickly and easily. They are cheaper than custom development and come fully packaged and ready to perform. There are thousands of high quality Joomla templates available, each with a unique design and numerous features. Using Joomla CMS and a Joomla template is the cost effective method of doing business online, without the hassle of custom development or proprietary lock-ins.

To simplify your search we’ve decided to present you the “treasure map” or complete Joomla templates providers list. With a help of this guide you’ll definitely find some great designs that would match your online project.

Joomla Template Provider




# of Joomla Templates

Pricing Details

Free Pro
Template Monster

Joomla Templates Provider -

YES YES NO 1 456 $55 – $60
Ice Theme

Joomla Templates Provider -

NO NO YES 21 $59

3 months

1 template license


6 months

3 template licenses


12 months

unlimited licenses

Gavick Pro

Joomla Templates Provider - GavickPro

NO NO YES 36 Personal Membership:


Business Membership:

Developers Membership:

Club Joomla

Joomla Templates Provider - ClubJoomla

NO NO YES 52 Pro Developer Membership:

3 month – €79

12 month – €99

Rocket Theme

Joomla Templates Provider - RocketTheme

NO NO YES 74 Personal Membership:

2 month-$50

6 month-$75

12 month-$90

Developers Club:

12 moth-$300


Joomla Templates Provider - YooTheme

YES NO YES 1 50 Personal Membership:

3 month – €39

12 month – €79

Developers Membership

12 month – €249

Joomla CSS Guide

Joomla Template Provider - JoomlaCSSguide

NO NO YES 12 Personal Membership:

3 month – €20

Pure Joomla

Joomla Templates Provider - Pure-Joomla

NO NO YES 62 1 Month Standard:


1 Year Standard:






Joomla Planet

Joomla Template Provider- Joomla-Planet

NO NO YES 800 3 month – $7

unlimited – $10

Mighty Template

Joomla Templates Provider - Mightytemplate

NO NO YES 7 1 Template

+ 3 month update – €9;

3 Templates

+ 3 month update – €19;

Bonus Themes

Joomla Templates Provider - BonusThemes

NO NO YES 32 Membership

Lifetime – €150

Joomla Lingo

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaLingo

NO NO YES 10 1 Year Membership:
CMS Lounge

Joomla Templates Provider - CMSLounge

NO YES NO 114 $35-$40
Joomla Creative

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaCreative

NO YES NO 5 $14.95-$19.95

Joomla Templates Provider -

NO YES NO 52 $45-$35
Template Magician

Joomla Templates Provider - Templatemagician

NO YES NO 59 $18-$115
Joomla Monster

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomla-Monster

NO YES NO 66 €19 – €47

Joomla Templates Provider - Tobacamp

NO YES NO 9 $20
Pixels Paradise

Joomla Templates Provider -Pixelsparadise

NO YES NO 112 €25 – €50
Joomla 2 U

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomla2U

NO YES NO 321 $55-$57

Joomla Templates Provider - DJoomla

Joomla Plates

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaPlates

NO YES NO 30 €19.90
Hot Joomla Templates

Joomla Templates Provider - Hot Joomla Templates

NO YES NO 10 $19.95
Bulletproof Templates

Joomla Templates Provider - BulletproofTemplates

NO YES NO 8 £30.00
Joomla Capital

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaCapital

NO NO YES 35 Unlimited downloads -$49
Joomla Praise

Joomla Templates Provider -JoomlaPraise

YES YES YES 6 31 Individual purchase:


Individual Plan:

1 year – $99

Joomla XTC

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaXTC

NO YES YES 18 Individual Purchase:


Individual Plan:

1 year – $89


Joomla Templates Provider - Atict

NO NO YES 79 Membership:

1 Month – €75

3 Month – €145

1 Year – €200

Theme Layout

Joomla Templates Provider - Themelayout

NO YES YES 79 Unique Price:


Subscription plan:

1 year-$149

Purple Design

Joomla Templates Provider - PurpleDesign

NO YES YES 81 Individual Purchase:


Developers Subscription:

1 year – $225.00

Red Evolution

Joomla Templates Provider - RedEvolution

NO NO YES 14 One-time fee:



Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlatd

NO NO YES 63 Individual Purchase:


Joomla Os

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlaos

YES NO NO 1366

Joomla Templates Provider - Dezinerfolio

Estime Templates

Joomla Templates Provider - Estimetemplates

Joomla Port

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaPort

Kanga Internet

Joomla Templates Provider - KangaInternet


Joomla Templates Provider - Themebot

YES YES NO 11 570 Individual Purchase:

$55 – $63

Undo Creations

Joomla Templates Provider - Undocreations


Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlaxe

Template Works

Joomla Templates Provider - TemplatesWorks

Joomla Labs

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomla-Labs

YES YES NO 4 custom designs

prices may vary

Beauty In Design

Joomla Templates Provider - BeautyinDesign

Free CMS Templates

Joomla Templates Provider - FreeCMStemplates

Themes Base

Joomla Templates Provider -Themesbase

YES NO NO 1293

Joomla Templates Provider - Mambohut


Joomla Templates Provider - Siteground

Free Joomla Templatez

Joomla Templates Provider - FreeJoomlaTemplatez

YES NO NO 2736
NTC Hosting

Joomla Templates Provider - NTChosting

Themes Joomla

Joomla Templates Provider - ThemesJoomla


Joomla Templates Provider - Buyhttp

Joomla Bear

Joomla Templates Provider JoomlaBear-

YES NO YES 38 Membership Plan:

3 month – $47

6 month – $67

1 year – $97

Joomla Junkie

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlajunkie

YES NO YES 5 Membership Plan:

3 month – $49

6 month – $76

1 year – $249

Joomla Market

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaMarket

YES NO YES 156 Membership Plan:

3 month – €35

1 year – €45

1 year(premium) – €250


Joomla Templates Provider - jooomlart

NO NO YES 40 Numerous Membership plans:

from $50 to $499

Shape 5

Joomla Templates Provider - Shape 5

YES NO YES 38 38 Individual Plan:

1 year- $69.99

Developers Plan:

1 year – $249.99

Themes Club

Joomla Templates Provider - ThemesClub

YES NO YES 21 44 Membership Plan:

6 month – $50

Joomla Shine

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaShine

YES YES NO 2 2 $29
Design For Joomla

Joomla Templates Provider - DesignForJoomla

YES NO YES 8 13 Membership plan:

3 month – $50

Theme Gurus

Joomla Templates Provider - Themegurus

YES NO YES 6 21 TGmember:

20 days – $150 USD

Camp 26

Joomla Templates Provider - Camp26

YES NO YES 13 16 Personal Memberships:

6 month – $30

1 year – $50

Developers Membership:

1 year – $150

J for Joomla

Joomla Templates Provider - JforJoomla

YES NO YES 2 25 Membership Plan:

6 month – $60

12 month – $100

Toolbox Creations

Joomla Templates Provider - ToolboxCreations

YES YES NO 5 5 £4.95
Funky Vision

Joomla Templates Provider - Funky-Vision

YES YES NO 43 43 €29
Pixel Praise

Joomla Templates Provider - PixelPraise

NO YES NO 32 $50 – $100
Joomla 51

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomla51

YES YES NO 3 49 $19

Joomla Templates Provider -

YES YES NO 2 59 $19.99 – $1000

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlaxtreme

YES YES NO 384 200 $48 – $2950

Joomla Templates Provider - Veero

YES YES YES 4 42 Individual purchase:


Membership plan:

$45 – $128

Joomla Designs

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomladesigns

YES NO YES 10 393 Membership Plan:

3 Months – €25

6 Months – €39

12 Months – €54

Joomla Bamboo

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaBamboo

NO NO YES 41 Membership:

$40 – $195

Joomla Jet

Joomla Templates Provider - JoomlaJet

NO NO YES 35 Membership:

$199.95 – $19.95

Joomla Shack

Joomla Templates Provider - Joomlashack

YES YES NO 14 17 $42 – $47

Joomla Templates Provider - Yagendoo

YES NO NO 4 €24.99
Themes Crib

Joomla Templates Provider - Themescrib

NO YES NO 15 $30 – $50
Template Plazza

Joomla Templates Provider - TemplatePlazza

YES NO YES 7 40 Membership:

$39 – $189

List compiled based on the list of Joomla templates providers as seen on

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Free PrestaShop Theme from

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Have you ever used the PrestaShop engine for e-commerce store? Even if you’ve been only thinking on such variant, the new freebie supplied by TemplateMonster is exactly for you. Not so long ago the company started to work on producing the PrestaShop themes and their launch is expected in a short time. These days TemplateMonster is eager to present you the first exhibit of their new collection of PrestaShop templates. So this free PrestaShop theme is devoted to cell phone stores.

Free PrestaShop Theme from

It is the first attempt in this sphere and it seems to be very prospective. If you have some constructive thoughts about the theme you are welcome to write about everything you like or dislike. For this purpose there is an e-mail address: Your remarks and testimonials will grant you a discount for further PrestaShop themes purchase. And if you want more then put your review of this free Prestashop theme to your site or blog and catch a discount of about 50% for themes which will be launched over time. It is a real chance to save your money and to get a really useful product of high quality.

But there is one condition for you: don’t resell this free PrestaShop theme. It’ll be better to use it with advantage for your own business – as a template. Just apply this theme to your store and you’re good to go. Just don’t resell it, it’s unfair. The logo of TemplateMonster is a toothy smiling monster face, you don’t want this little fella to bite you. Don’t forget it and enjoy the freebie!

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