Free Interior Art Website Template From TemplateMonster

If you are familiar with TemplateMonster’ activity you should remember that till last summer the company has been providing free templates for their costumers. You could choose a template you like from a certain quantity of well-designed ones and enjoy it. But then TemplateMonster took a break and there were no freebies for all the year.

And now a miracle has happened! You are welcomed to have an awesome free Interior Art website template. It looks like a summer present from the company to everyone who is looking for a free Interior Art template. If your Internet interests are focused on apartment design then follow the link and download the free Interior Art web template. This way you’ll have a chance to download only the HTML source files. If you need more resources then go to download page for your free Interior Art web template and have the HTML sources and the graphic PSD sources downloaded. In this case you should type your email address at the company’ site and wait your template to be delivered there. It will not take much time.

Free Interior Art Website Template

Let me also note that the template contains 3D model image that makes it more realistic and outstanding. It makes visitors stay at the site and think what could that thing shown on the front page be. Is it a furniture or a basement of something with cups and pillows? And you know if your costumers are lost in their thoughts – they will remember you and come back.

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Summer Discount at FlashMoto Templates

It is warm, even hot outside. Sun comes higher and starts to shine as bright as a diamond. People relax and don’t want to work for it is a season of vacations. All the nature around you dreams about having a good slack somewhere far away from the place you are.

Especially this season there are no forces that could make you work hard and build the website of your dream. Flash sites seem to be so complex.

Well in case you didn’t know this problem has been solved already. FlashMoto templates can make elements of your site dance, shine, roll and do whatever you want them to. It’s rather easy to work with but the price can push you away from it.

flashMoto Template - summer discount

And now pay attention! reduces prices! Starting May 27th till June 4th you have an unbelievable opportunity to buy FlashMoto templates at a 40% discount. There are 10 Flash CMS templates which are available under this discount. Look through them attentively, don’t lose a chance to become an owner of the professional website based on the premium Flash CMS template.

And it’s not over! also presents you the remainder FlashMoto templates at a 5% discount. It’s a real summer sale! Such prices on such templates are not likely to ever happen again. So, check the list of FlashMoto templates attentively and make your choice!

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Free Mobile Web Template

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Not long ago has released free high technologies website template. Today we have something interesting for those who liked that one. The company presents free mobile version of high technologies website template. It’s absolutely free and you can download the free web template during the week starting today.

There is no need to remind you that mobile technologies conquer the world extremely quickly and most of us can hardly imagine our lives without the Internet. Browsing through the World Wide Web is an ordinary deal. That’s why mobile web templates start being more popular from day to day. It looks like a perfect world where you can look through your favorite web pages wherever you are. Your communication will never be limited again with your PC.

free mobile web template

The free web template which is presented to you this time contains 6 pages: Home Page, About us, Services, Support, Contact us and Site Map. The resolution of the template is 320×480, so as you see it has vertically oriented layout.

You can download this free mobile template with all source files for easy change of some details for your taste. You’ll be satisfied with the look of your future site because all free web templates from are good-looking, good-working and so on.

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Free Tutorials That Teach How to Create Flash Banners

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When in need of a Flash banner you have a few options: 1) to buy a Flash banner; 2) to hire a professional designer who will make it for you; 3) to create a Flash banner yourself. So you are free to choose the option which fits your needs best. If you would like to go with the third option then make sure you read this article.

Creating Flash banners is easy once you know how to do it properly. So, would you like to get some tips on how to create a Flash banner? What about checking out some how-to guides?

Here is a list of tutorials on creating Flash banners. The tutorials are free, but very informative. We believe it’s really useful to follow the tutorials which explain how to create Flash banners because the knowledge you get from these tutorials will help you make a splendid animated banner; the one that would be used to promote your products or services. Note: the Flash banners could be added to different sites, blogs or even online shops.

Let’s start with the video tutorials and then we’ll continue with the written ones. Please click on the image in order to find the original tutorial.


Adobe Flash Tutorial – How to Create an Animated Banner by LilredheadComics

“In this hour long lesson I show you how to create an animated banner in Adobe Flash. This could be used to advertise a website or business online.”


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10 Great Browsers for iPhone

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iPhone browsers-alternatives to SafariAs you know Apple has made a fantastic browser called Safari for its child – iPhone (frankly speaking it works on the iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC). And now you can open your favorite sites from your iPhone at a glance and even correct an information that you type after Safari verifies the spelling. Surfing the Internet from the iPhone starts being just as easy and pleasant as if you were sitting by the personal computer with a cup of tea. The Internet community is cfrazy about the iPhone (and Safari as a part of it).

But if you want to know a thing you should compare it with something else in details.You should know all the variants and this will make your choice reasonable. Besides, you’ll look like an informed person at a hobnob.

Now TemplateMonsterBlog presents you with the 10 alternatives to Safari – the iPhone browsers. In the list you can find such iPhone browsers as Opera Mini, Aquari, iBrowse2, Incognito, Magic Browser, Safe Browser, Private Web, Wide Web, Shaking the Web and Hot Browser. Every browser has its unique features for any tempted user.

So, all of the iPhone Browsers are useful in certain conditions so think twise about your needs and choose the iPhone Browser which will be perfect for you.

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