Online Stores with Unique and Creative Navigation

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I guess each designer is trying to create unique and visitor-friendly sites, especially when it comes to ecommerce sites that should bring profits and not just share useful information. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear about the “visitor-friendly site” is a simple but creative navigation. The navigation that would fascinate by its design and at the same time will be as intuitive as possible. I doubt the visitors will like an original site that will be hard to navigate; more than likely they’ll switch to another site instead of searching how to buy from this site.

If you agree that easy navigation is a key point when designing ecommerce sites, then you’ll enjoy browsing the online stores that come with unique and creative navigation. We’ve listed the sites with original navigation bars and the ones that provide a unique searching experience.

Feel free to visit the online store you like and enjoy how easy it is to navigate and how beautiful its navigation is.

online store - lojabirds


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Flash Showcase Galleries to Submit Your Flash Sites

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For the past few years we could enjoy a growing number of Flash sites, but to our surprise, we haven’t noticed a lot of Flash Showcase Sites to appear.

If you have a Flash site or have designed one for your client, then you know how important it is to add the Flash site to a Flash Showcase Gallery. First of all, you’ll get an extra promotion for your site. Secondly, you’ll provide inspiration for others and more than likely your site will be featured in some inspirational articles. Thirdly, you’ll get at least one quality back link, and therefore will improve your site’s ranking

We’ve mentioned just the most essential benefits from adding your Flash site to the Flash Showcases. And now we’ll list the Flash Galleries that you can submit your Flash sites to. Unfortunately the list isn’t long because there are just 11 Flash Design Galleries available. Let’s hope that new galleries will appear soon and there will be more options to promote your Flash sites for free.



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Free Website Template That Your Pet Would Love

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Has your pet ever asked you to build a website? If it could talk, it would definitely ask for it, but before it does why don’t you tell the whole world how great your pet is? Please don’t say it’s expensive, because it is not. Moreover, you can get a design for your site for free.

Look, this Pet’s Website Template is available free of charge. You can download it and use for your pet’s site, however, you are not allowed to resell this free template or add to your portfolio.

download a Free Website Template

If you’d like to download the free Website Template you’ve just seen you should log into your account with Please, don’t worry if you aren’t registered with, the registration is fast and free. You’ll just have to fill a few boxes with the required information and then will get access to free illustrations, free website templates, free Twitter backgrounds, free wallpapers, and other web design freebies.

If you’d like to learn more about the Free Website Template that will be perfect for any pet’s site, please visit the official blog of or click the link in this sentence.


Flash Sites that Feature Wedding Photos

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Flash is great when used for the right project. It’s definitely the best choice if you’d like to create online photo portfolios. Whether you plan to showcase personal or commercial photos, go with Flash and your visitors will enjoy browsing your art works.

Today we suggest you to take a closer look at the Flash sites that feature digital wedding photography. Not only will you enjoy the exciting wedding photos but see the peculiarities of these sites. Each site comes with a certain image gallery or an image slider and therefore each site showcases the wedding photos in its own way. Most Flash sites show little thumbnails next to the main image and it seems to be the best technique because the visitor can choose what photo he’d like to see next instead of waiting for the slideshow to display a certain image again. Although, the higher number of sites are vertical scrolling sites, you can still find a few horizontal scrolling sites below. Unfortunately we don’t know if the following Flash sites have been created using Flash Templates or these are unique designs, but the final results rock.

Now it’s time to browse different Flash sites and see the Flash image galleries they use. We hope you’ll get some inspiration and will decide what the best image gallery to show wedding photos is. Firstly, we’ll list the sites that allow you to see small image previews, and then we’ll focus on the other Flash sites, including the one  which uses a simple image slider. We are sure it’s not enough for a good navigation  because the visitor should watch all the images in the slideshow in order to see a certain image twice.

Flash  galleries with image thumbnails




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Top Sites to Search for Stock Music

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Those of you who prefer creating animated websites and multimedia presentations already know how important it is to find the right stock music library. Although, there are a lot of them on the net, it takes some time and efforts to find the one that offers Royalty Free Music for a great price.

So we’ve decided to introduce a few sites that provide high-quality stock music at affordable price. Note: each site offers music of all styles and genres: classical, hip hop, rock, jazz, country, funk, etc. Also, you can choose whether you need a track, loop or jingle.

We suggest you to spend a few minutes and discover really helpful stock music sites instead of spending your time on browsing the most known sites which usually come up with high prices for royalty free music.

Check out the sites below and find the stock music you really need.

All Stock Music

all stock music

All Music Library

All Music Library


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