What Are the Top Web Design Trends for 2010?

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According to the official blog of Template Monster, the world’s largest provider of website templates, the most striking web design trends for the upcoming year are

  1. More Whitespace
  2. Change of Perspective
  3. Multi-Column Layouts
  4. Out-of-the-Box Layouts
  5. Oversized Headers
  6. Elements Transparency
  7. Slideshows
  8. Hand-drawn Designs
  9. Huge Typography
  10. One-page Layouts
  11. Minimalism
  12. Huge Images
  13. “Speaking” Navigation
  14. Oversized Footers

Do you agree with this list of the top web design trends or not? Would you add a new trend or otherwise remove any of them? Which of the above mentioned trends is going to be the most popular this year?

Whatever your answers to the above questions, make sure you share them with others. With this said we encourage you to visit the official blog of Template Monster and vote for this year’s Best Web Design Trends. Keep in mind people who follow Template Monster’s blog are mostly web designers, bloggers and other creative folks just like you. Therefore, your point of view will be heard by those who have an impact on modern web design.

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Learn How to Create an Amazing Header

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Designing a beautiful header is easy once you know how to do it properly. With this in mind we suggest you to follow a comprehensive tutorial and learn what it takes to create a cool header. Not only the tutorial explains what steps you should make to design an impressive header for your website but also informs you the tools needed to help you work fast and easy. When following the guidelines you’ll be also provided with a professional looking illustration that you can download free of charge.

As the tutorial is aimed at beginners, it’s simple and easy to understand. Still it’s incredibly helpful for those of you who would like to learn how to design a great header.

Note the image below shows how your header may look like.

how to create a cool header

And now you are welcome to check out the tutorial on creating the cool header.

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Brick Wall Textures in Use

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How do you like websites using brick wall textures? If you find them visually appealing or even inspiring you should be pleased to find a list of such websites. As you may see from the samples below brick wall textures don’t necessarily look dark or scaring. Sometimes they seem bright and optimistic.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing unique websites which come with brick wall textures and in case you’d like to see more websites with organic textures we suggest that you read an article introducing 150 Website Designs Based on Rich Textures.




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osCommerce Manuals Are Now Available at TemplateMonster.com

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TemplateMonster, the world’s largest website templates provider, announces partnership with osCommerceManuals.com under which TemplateMonster.com will provide affordable osCommerce Manuals to everyone who purchases eCommerce Templates. No doubt this has been long anticipated by those who want to start online businesses but have no programming skills.

Currently TemplateMonster offers eCommerce Manuals for such ecommerce templates as osCommerce templates, Magento themes, Zen Cart templates, and CRE Loaded templates. All eCommerce Manuals are written by Kerry Watson of osCommerceManuals.com and come with step by step installation guidelines and helpful screen shots. Keep in mind each manual you purchase at TemplateMonster.com includes an extra chapter entitled How to Install a TemplateMonster template.

From now on, not only TemplateMonster will provide top quality
eCommerce templates but also extremely useful eCommerce manuals. We bet those of you who would like to build online shops will definitely benefit from such a partnership because you can get a professional design for your online store as well as learn how to launch your online business.

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Websites – Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Unfortunately a lot of websites are rather complicated for visitors. If you enter a busy website it takes you a few minutes to understand what the website is about and if it could be useful for you or not. Some people don’t want to spend time finding answers to these questions and leave overwhelmed websites shortly. Maybe they are right because wise web designers and information architects build intuitive websites which are easy to navigate. Moreover, some webmasters show their visitors a few steps to make to enjoy the website to the fullest.

Below we offer a list of websites which are user-friendly and
as easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you enter any of these websites you know what link to click and what form to fill in order to make the most of the website.




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