Template Tuning Launches Redesigned Website

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Template Tuning has announced that its official website has been redesigned. Note Template Tuning is a well known web design company which provides customization services. The company staff has helped many businesses to enhance their online presence and finally they’ve found some time to refresh Templatetuning.com.

One of the top priorities was to make the website even more inspiring, easy-to-navigate and enjoyable for the visitors. So the website has been updated to incorporate a new cleaner look, improved navigation, and a number of useful options.

Template Tuning Team has put a huge amount of work to update the site. As we can see the new website is bigger and more informative. If you would like to see all the changes which have been made to Templatetuning.com, please see the image below. Keep in mind the image is clickable and is linked to the official website of Template Tuning.

template tuning update

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15 Green Websites

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We hope you had a great Christmas and are getting ready for New Year’s Day party! As the holiday season continues we would like to show you 15 examples of green websites. We’ve decided to focus on green websites because green is the color of joy and peace, love and hope. Also it reminds of an evergreen or Christmas tree.

Green is often used by web designers as this color is associated with reliability, safety, honesty, optimism, harmony and freshness. There are hundreds green websites on the net but we would like to highlight the most attractive of them.

Please enjoy creative green websites and comment this post in case you are aware of other websites which could complete our list.



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Christmas Brings New Look to Known Websites

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As Christmas is almost here again we can see a lot of companies decorating their websites with holiday graphics. In this post we’d like to highlight the companies which were the most successful in redesigning their websites for Christmas. Mostly we’ll focus on creative ways to refresh website headers.



Flashmoto.com (Flash CMS)



Christmas Templates For All Types of Websites

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Whatever type of website you run it’s time to think about
Christmas customization. We’ve completed a list of 12 Christmas Templates which could be used for all types of websites, including commercial websites, personal websites, online stores, entertainment websites, news websites and blogs. Why 12? We thought there are 12 months in a year, so why don’t we feature 12 Christmas Templates 🙂

Please read on in order to find inspiration before you customize your website for Christmas. At the same time you can find ready-to-use Christmas Templates: Christmas osCommerce Templates, Christmas WordPress Themes, Christmas Joomla Templates, Christmas Magento Themes, Christmas CRE Loaded Templates and Christmas Drupal Themes. Note, today all these templates can be purchased with a 17% discount
(the details are mentioned below).

Christmas ZenCart Template

Christmas zen cart template

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Free Website Templates Designed with Christmas in Mind

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If you run a website or blog then it’s time to get your website ready for Christmas! Perhaps you’ve already noticed how many websites have already been decorated with Christmas illustrations, banners and special effects.

Still the best you can find on the net is a Christmas Website Template. Using such a template is the fastest way to customize your website for Christmas.

Most Christmas Website Templates are quite expensive but there are great exceptions like the Free Website Templates you can see below.

Free Christmas Website Template #1


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