Websites and Website Templates – the Power of Gray

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Here and there we can see gray designs and today we’ve decided to focus on gray websites and gray website templates.

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is also considered a color of compromise, perhaps because it sits between black and white.
Gray emphasizes neutrality, which is why designers often use it as a background color.

The human eye can distinguish more than 500 shades of gray. Dark gray carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black. It is a sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black. Light gray is similar to white.

Still, gray is a contradictory color. Some people treat it like a neutral one; others believe it’s the color of sorrow and pessimism.

At first feel free to see 5 websites that are designed in gray color scheme.


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The most annoying web design trends

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When creating a website web designers should never forget how important it is to create visually appealing designs and not annoying ones. I doubt one will be happy to build a website that would distract visitors. Great content is not enough; a website should be eye-catching and never irritating!

The best way to avoid annoying elements is ask yourself what would annoy you and what would not. In other words analyze each website you build from the visitor’s perspective.

Also, it might be helpful for you to read a list of the most annoying web design trends. We bet you’ll become a successful web designer in case you avoid using

  • A font that is difficult to read
  • Background music (don’t forget the music you like is not necessary the music everyone likes)
  • A lot of pop up windows
  • The font’s color almost the same as the background color
  • Too complicated navigation menus
  • Blinking text messages
  • Oversized social icons
  • Bad quality images
  • Video spokesperson
  • Too much advertising
  • Images of people whose heads are bigger than their bodies
  • Flash intros with no skipping option
  • Images that are changing so fast that you can hardly understand what they are about

To our opinion all above mentioned elements are very irritating. As you can see, we just list the most common mistakes of web designers but we don’t provide examples. That’s because we don’t want to offend anyone. We just hope this post will inspire web designers to avoid annoying web design trends.

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Free Website Template for those involved in fashion

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For obvious reasons appearance is crucial in the fashion industry. Web designers work hard to build fashion websites and blogs and that’s the reason why custom fashion websites are quite expensive. Unfortunately many fashion companies and fashion designers can’t afford custom design solutions but our post is going to cheer them up.

Free Fashion Website Template is now available for download. It’ll be a perfect find for independent fashion designers as well as fashion companies.


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AfterEffects Intros Launched

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From now on, a well known web design firm, will offer AfterEffects Intros to its customers.

What makes AfterEffects Intros special?

  • AfterEffects Intros are made with Adobe AfterEffects software
  • AfterEffects Intros meet HD quality standards (1920×1080)
  • AfterEffects Intros may be used as video templates
  • AfterEffects Intros are perfect for whatever media needs you may have

Why may you need AfterEffects Intros?

  • To enhance your video ads
  • To add interactivity to your site
  • To enable easy Video post-production and editing
  • To jump into the fascinating world of motion graphics, animation and visual effects
  • To create amazing websites, TV ads, video presentations, movies, etc.

Please visit if you want to learn more about AfterEffects Intros.

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The ugliest Hotel website turns the prettiest one

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In one of our previous posts we’ve told you about an article on the Ugliest Websites of World’s Top Hotels. The article has reviewed the poorest hotel websites and the authors (the Template monster Team) have promised to redesign the ugliest hotel website from the list. What said is done and we can see the redesigned website that introduces the Gold Bear Hotel.

Before redesign

golden bear hotel

After redesign


How did you like the redesigned version of the hotel website? So far have web designers done a good job? Have they managed to keep the hotel spirit intact?  Do you like the website before or after the redesign?

Your answers are highly appreciated. Note you can comment either this article or the original article posted at the official blog of TemplateMonster, the company that has completed the redesign.

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