Template Monster Offers 50% Discount Codes to its Twitter Followers

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Last week we’ve told you how you can get 50% discount on Template Monster products including Website Templates, Flash Templates, Magento Themes, Flash Intros, PowerPoint Templates, etc.

It’s great if you managed to get the discount. If not, that’s you who inspired TemplateMonster to launch another promo.

The new promo is very similar to the previous one. However, the total number of discount codes is 6 and not 24 as it was last time.

Each day (starting from today and lasting through September 5th) a new 50% discount code will be published on TemplateMonster Twitter page.

Be sure to catch it in time! The promo code is active for 1 purchase only. If you are the first to use it you get the 50% discount. If you are not, someone else will enjoy the discount.

If you don’t like the second variant, then come back to TemplateMonster Twitter page often.

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Free Grunge Background for your Twitter page

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This months I’ve already told you about a Free Hosting Twitter Background and a Free Travel Twitter Background that are offered at TemplateMonster.com.

Today I have more good news – a Free Grunge Twitter Background is available! It seems to be a universal design as it can be helpful for any Twitter user.

If you like a Grunge Twitter Background you can also consider purchasing a Grunge Website Template. Thus your site and your Twitter page will perfectly match each other. Please remember the Grunge Website Template is available at a 20% discount if you enter the discount code published here.

And here is the Grunge Twitter Background you can get for free.


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Follow Template Monster on Twitter and get a 50% discount

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How do you usually decide who to follow on Twitter? I only follow those who I know, those who have a lot of followers and those who have been recommended by trusted bloggers. But today I’ve decided to expand this list by adding those who offer prizes to their followers.

This idea came to my mind when I heard of a Twitter Insanity Day at TemplateMonster.

Today (on August 27, 2009) TemplateMonster offers 24 discount codes. Each code will save you 50% when you purchase web templates, Flash templates, Magento templates, WordPress Themes, Joomla Templates, Flash Intros, Powerpoint Templates and other stuff that is available at TemplateMonster.com.

All discount codes will be published on the official TemplateMonster Twitter page. So it’s important to revisit this page often.

Your task is to be the first to catch the discount code and use it! Please remember each code is active for 1 purchase only.

I wish you to be the first and get the 50% discount on useful web design stuff!

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Flash sites you shouldn’t miss

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Every web designer and Flash developer has some sources of inspiration that drive him them to create the websites that they create. Your source of inspiration is that thing that tells you what to design, how to do it, what equipment to use, and who you design in for. Everybody has different sources of inspiration, and therefore, everybody has different websites. Still most web designers and Flash developers have at least one thing in common – they like browsing someone else’s work because it always brings new ideas.

A few months ago we’ve reviewed Flash websites with unique navigation. It seems we are not the only one blog that writes on this interesting topic 🙂

Recently we came across an article on Flash websites with 3D environment and we bet you should read it as well. Thus you’ll see what can be done in Flash and 3D. Also you’ll get a chance to charge your creative batteries.

Note each screenshot is linked to a certain Flash website. Simply click on the image you like and find yourself in a new world.

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Free Hotel Website Template

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If you need a website design for your hotel you should know that website templates provider Template Monster specializes in website template design, including hotel template design. With effective design solutions from Template Monster your hotel site will ignite phone calls from potential guests, maximizing your profits and expanding your client base.

Usually Hotel Website Templates offered by this company are not very expensive, yet of a good quality. But this time you shouldn’t pay anything to get a Hotel Website Template.

Why? Just because Template Monster has released a Free Hotel Website Template. It may be exactly what you need to redesign your hotel website or even build a new site.

This is the way a Free Website Template looks. If that’s what you need for your hotel business, then click on the image and you’ll be taken to the download page.

Also I’d like to remind that the company provides a 20% discount on its Hotel Website Templates. So, in case the free template doesn’t meet your requirements (however it’s designed very carefully) you can take advantage of the discount.

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