What are the top textures in modern web design?

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Texture is one of the most popular web design trends. It can be often seen in online portfolios, personal blogs, music sites, photography sites, social networking sites and even business sites.

The advantage of using texture is it could make your site look good and natural, but you have to be careful not to lose the main goal of the design. It’s always annoying to see web designs that are overwhelmed by textures, big photos or other web design elements that make it difficult to read the website content.

As an experienced net surfer I can say that web designers love textures. They use them in websites, banners, graphic designs and more.

So, what are the top textures in modern web design? These are organic textures including wood textures, grass textures, paper textures, wall textures, stone textures, wool textures, leather textures, metal textures, water textures, etc.

According to SmashingMagazine.com there are different ways to add textures to your designs

1. Using a free stock image to create your own texture
2. Creating your own texture from scratch in Photoshop
3. Using Photoshop brushes
4. Using ready-made textures
5. Scaning Textures

I find using textures is like adding a piece of “real world” to websites and blogs. And what do you think about textures in modern web design? Which textures do you prefer?

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Video effects at discounted prices

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From now on website templates provider TemplateMonster.com partners with video effects provider VideoSmash.com. If you think this news is not very useful for you, then you are wrong 🙂

Let’s see what this partnership means to you, web designers, web developers and those who use Flash when designing websites, Flash presentations, etc.

It means you can buy video effects at half price! Whether you need video effects for Flash Animations, HD Flash Intros, Motion Graphics, Movie trailers or TV and video ads, you can get them with a huge discount.

Just go to TemplateMonster.com, buy any Flash Template, Flash Intro Template, Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery or SWISH Template and get a 50% discount for all video effects that are available on VideoSmash.com. So, you’ll pay $75 for the video effects instead of paying $150. Don’t you think it’s a good offer?

Keep in mind, VideoSmash.com provides lots of video effects that are divided into the following categories

  1. Abstract Video Effects
  2. Fireworks Video Effects
  3. Nature Video Effects
  4. Web Design Video Effects

In fact you can search the video effects by color.

Be sure to check what HD video effects are available at discounted prices!

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Welcome to superhero movie sites

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San Diego Comic-Con has just come to an end. As you may have read on Comic-con.org “Comic-Con International is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular art forms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.”

Comic-Con always reminds how great funny and superhero movies are.

If you want to see how great superhero and comic movie sites are, then you should visit Blog.templatemonster.com. The blog has reviewed the best website designs that decorate the superhero and comic movie websites.

Even if you can’t see the animations that make such movie sites really astonishing, you can still enjoy the website designs. Also, you can compare the latest superhero movie sites and the ones that have been designed many years ago.

Besides browsing website designs you’ll also meet famous superheroes including Superman, Catwoman, Spiderman, Batman, etc. Take your time to remember the movies that have entertained you for years and enjoy the power of web design.

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Download Free Website Template

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Browsing thousands of website templates to suit your personal or business needs is not an easy task. You will spend lots of hours searching for the right web design for your website or blog.

To save your time I suggest you to visit a web design resource Templates.com. The site provides not only premium quality website templates, illustrations, 3D models and other web design stuff but also Free Website Templates!

From now on Templates.com will release a Free Website Template every week. What more could you expect from a professional team of web designers and developers?

Below you can see the Free Website Template that has been released this week. It looks professional and fresh. And what is most important it can be downloaded for free!


The Free website template comes with 5 pages: the Home page, the About us page , the Articles page, the Contact us page and the Site Map page.

Please remember, the .PSD files of this template are available to those who have an account with Templates.com. The good thing is that the registration is fast and free and the benefits are more than obvious. So, feel free to join Templates.com and download a Free Website Template! More free templates will be available shortly.

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Follow Template Monster on Twitter!

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Are you already a part of Twitter or are you waiting for an extra motivation to join in and start “Tweeting”? Well, read on and learn why it’s better to get registered with Twitter.com now!

Template Monster, the most trusted website templates provider, has recently opened an account on Twitter. From now on you can follow Template Monster tweets in order not to miss any discount or a special offer.

Seems Template Monster Team has decided to improve its communication with its customers and the whole web design community. Feel free to bookmark the Template Monster Twitter page if you want to keep up to date with the latest news from the world’s largest website templates provider.


Even when Template Monster has its own page on Twitter, Template Monster blog is still a great resource for you to keep in touch with Template Monster Team.

Basically Twitter is just another way to know what Template Monster offers for you!

So, why don’t you start following TemplateMonster on Twitter and be the first to know about the company news, the latest web design trends, etc?

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