Flash websites with unique navigation

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I’ve always been impressed by websites with unique navigation. Of course, the usability must be also taken into a serious consideration. If the design looks great but the visitors spend hours to navigate the site, then the unique navigation only hurts.

Some creative designers offer fresh ideas on how websites should be navigated. Today I’ll show you 5 websites that feature a unique navigation style. All the sites are flash-based with interesting animation and sound effects.

When you browse these Flash sites you make an exciting trip. Not only you see the homepage, you explore it to the fullest. Simply move the mouse cursor and you travel around the site. It’s so exciting and it feels like you are inside of the site.





Free website templates from Smashing Magazine

In the time when everything is for sale it’s so great to find something made with love and provided for free.

Dear web designers and you who think about creating a website or a blog, I’d like to share amazing news with you. I believe you’ve heard of SmashingMagazine.com. It’s a blog that offers resources and advice to web developers and web designers. Smashing Magazine is not only a source for inspiration but also a perfect place to find web design freebies.

Recently Smashing Magazine has published 6 Free Website Templates. These website Templates are available completely free of charge and may be used for personal and commercial projects.


Free Website Templates were designed by professional web developers who agreed to help Smashing Magazine readers.

Let’s thank these web designers for their creativity and generosity. I wouldn’t lie if I say that Free Website Templates they’ve created look truly amazing and what is most important all of them can be downloaded for free!

Please visit Smashing Magazine to download Free Website Templates!

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Enhance your applications with Web Page Icons

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Great news for web designers! A new Icon Shop has been launched.

IconDemon.com provides a huge collection on trendy Web Icons. All Web Page Icons are categorized for easy browsing. You can search the icons by category and by style.

Currently Icon Demon collection includes business icons, toolbar icons, mini icons, animal icons, holiday icons, aqua icons, glass icons, computer icons, folder icons, music icons, line icons, etc.

Please note Icon Demon is updated quite often and you can always trust that the Web Icons you find there will be of super high quality.

For only $99 membership fee you’ll get over 1000 icons. As an Icon Demon member you will enjoy such benefits as

  • One year of unlimited downloads
  • Regularly updated collection of high quality Web Icons
  • No per icon fee
  • 24/7 customer support

Seems it’s nice to know that with the new icon store launch you have a wider choice of professionally designed Web Page Icons.

Please note you can get the Web Icons at a half price if you purchase something from TemplateMonster.com.

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Magento Templates for your online stores

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In spite of the fact that there are a lot of ecommerce systems available, Magento really stands out. It provides merchants with incredible flexibility and functionality. By choosing Magento ecommerce software you get a wide range of marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools required for running a successful online store.

Considering the above said, it becomes clear why so many web designers and online merchants are looking for Magento Templates. The case is Magento Templates are web page designs for online stores powered by Magento.

There are only few companies that offer professionally designed Magento Templates. However, their designs look really amazing. To show you what I mean, here are the posts where the most beautifully designed Magento Templates have been showcased.

Hope these posts will open up more ideas for you to use Magento. Note, all these posts are published on Design4Magento.com. This blog provides useful tips on Magento and Magento Templates.

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Website templates that follow the latest web design trends

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If you are an experienced web designer make sure your projects are up to date and follow the latest web design trends and technologies.

If you are searching for inspiration and are frustrated by what is the most acceptable in web design industry, then you should read an interesting post that explains the latest web design standards.

Note, the post I’m speaking about comes with a set of website templates that are perfect samples of what is on top of web design. Thus, you’ll not only learn the most popular design techniques but also see how they can be used in practice.

To name just a few web design trends that are discussed in the post:

•    Big typography
•    The magazine look
•    One-page layouts
•    Huge illustrations and vibrant graphics
•    More white space than ever
•    Large search boxes
•    Handwriting
•    Retro and vintage
•    Organic textures and photographic backgrounds

Please take your time to read 2009 Web Design Trends and use these tips in your future projects.

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