Top Lingerie Stores Review by TemplateMonster

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The officials from TemplateMonster share their experts’ opinion on how the best lingerie stores should look like. Since they are so good at website design – or at least they claim they are – this definitely should be interesting. Besides, it’s always interesting to take a look at the beautiful lingerie photos, isn’t it?


Well, where we? Oh, the review post. Anyways, it contains 25 or so designs professionally reviewed by TemplateMonster – including world’s most famous lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur or Calvin Klein. It’s all serious as you see – seriously spectacular designs reviewed by serious people.

So even if you may not be a lingerie store owner or lingerie store designer I still suggest you to see the review – the designs really are tremendously elegant.

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Free Website Templates provided by

We continue to introduce websites that provide Free Website Templates. These templates may be used for your websites, web blogs or online shops. We help you to be aware of Free Website Template providers and we hope you find our posts useful for your online projects.

Browse Free XHTML/CSS Strict 1.0 Web Templates that can be downloaded for free. They have different colors and content placement. Each of them looks in its own way and they can be easily edited.

These Free Website Templates have been developed by Bryant Smith, a freelance designer. He has been programming and doing web design/development for about 14 years till now. So he was a wide experience in creating websites and website templates. Currently Bryant Smith specializes in web programming (PHP/SQL, JavaScript / AJAX), though he is good with a number of other languages.

Please note all website templates that are offered at Bryant Smith’s website are totally free. You can use these templates in any way you like. You can either modify them or redistribute… or do what ever you want. The only thing Bryant Smith asks you is to leave the footer link in place.

Bryant Smith states that Free Website Templates are available for immediate download. In other words each of you is welcome to use his templates either for your personal or business websites.

The full collection of Bryant Smith’s Free Website Templates can be found at

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High Definition Flash Intros

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HD Flash Intros are Flash Intros that are originally designed in high resolution to enable true high definition visual quality.

HD Flash Intros are available at Most HD Flash Intros are used to quickly introduce a web site visitor to a web site or organization. They enable you to represent your services in fast and the most effective way whether you choose online or offline advertisement.

You may ask yourself, What are the benefits of using HD Flash Intros? Why can’t I purchase usual Flash Intros with flash cms option? The case is that usual Flash Intros shouldn’t be played on big screen. If they are the quality of the video is really poor. So HD Flash Intros are created to make high definition video look exceptionally good, just as it deserves.

HD Flash Intros are perfect marketing tools. They enable you to design high definition advertisements that will effectively promote your products and services. With HD Flash Intros released by Template Monster you won’t have to worry about watching unclear videos on wide screen TVs! Why don’t you and your potential clients enjoy watching very clear and sharp videos on a big screen?

You can watch HD Flash Intros presentation to learn more about this kind of products.

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Free Magento Themes from Template Monster

One good news follows the other! I have just read that Template Monster provides Free Magento Themes.

As you probably know Magento Themes are designs for Magento driven online stores. Magento shopping cart is extremely popular nowadays but there are not of lot of Magento Themes available.

Recently famous templates provider Template Monster launched the first professionally developed Magento Themes. Seems Magento Themes are in great demand because online merchants strive to get the best designs for their Magento driven online stores.

Great news for Magento community: Template Monster offers Free Magento Themes. Have a look at professionally designed Magento Themes that are available completely free of charge:

Free Magento Theme for Pet Store

Free Magento Theme for computer store

Having used these Free Magento Themes you can build an easy-manageable and SEO friendly online store.

When you apply for one of these Magento Themes there are some restrictions:

  • You can’t resell Free Magento Themes;
  • You can’t claim authorship of these Free Magento Themes;
  • You can’t include them into your design portfolios.

The restrictions are over and here goes the most important part: Free Magento Themes can be splendid designs for your Magento driven online stores. Use them for free and good luck with your eCommerce website.

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Free Drupal Templates for your websites

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Do you know any reason why you should pay for something you can get for free? I don’t. I bet you’ll be pleased to know that some professionally designed Drupal Templates are available for free. Would you like to know where you can find them?

From now on Free Drupal Themes can be downloaded from Just a few words on Template Monster; it’s a world leader in providing website templates. The company specializes on affordable web design products and services. TemplateMonster is most known as one of the biggest premium web template sellers on the Internet with a library of around 20000 templates. A lot of people from all over the world purchase top-quality templates from TemplateMonster. Now you have a chance to use their Drupal Templates for free.

Browse Free Drupal Templates and choose the design to your liking. All templates differ in colors and content placement.

Drupal is a great platform that enables you to build easy manageable websites. Template Monster offers professionally designed Drupal Themes for free. These templates are fully compatible with Drupal version 6.1.

By using Free Drupal Themes you can build personal and small business websites. Though, there are some limitations:

  • you aren’t allowed to resell free templates;
  • you aren’t allowed to include them into your design portfolios;
  • you can’t state that you’ve designed them yourself.

In any case Free Drupal Templates may be used for personal websites, web blogs and small business websites. Doesn’t it sound great?

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