Thanksgiving web graphics

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Thanksgiving is so close. Let’s get ready for it! Luckily some web sites have created Thanksgiving graphic elements and they are ready to share them with you. offers a stunning Thanksgiving Illustration for free. It’s colorful and very positive. Note this illustration can be downloaded for free during a short period of time. So you should be in a hurry and get it now instead f buying it in some days. The case is that this company offers 1 free product per week. allows you download cute and bright Thanksgiving cliparts for free. Why should you decline this offer? has also prepared some Thanksgiving graphics for you. You can use these graphics and make your web pages look in a Thanksgiving way.

Would you like to add a Thanksgiving turkey with a fork and knife to your website? You can find it at It looks really funny and it will fit different web sites!

Impressive Thanksgiving image can be also downloaded from

Having downloaded these freebies you can have a bright Thanksgiving celebration!

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Grey in web design

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Grey web designs can be seen here and there. Does it mean grey is one of the most popular colors for web development? has recently reviewed grey web designs. This review includes a lot of impressive images. Each image depicts an original grey website either formal or a personal one.

As you know each color has its own meaning. So what does grey color mean? Grey means security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring, practicality, professional, sophisticated, durability, quality, quiet, conservativeness, gloominess, sadness. According to Wikipedia “Grey …. describes the tints and shades ranging from black to white. … Greys are seen commonly in nature and fashion.”

Being attentive to web design trends you’ve probably noticed that black and white are one of the most popular colors nowadays. Does it influence the popularity of grey in some way? Let’s see.

According to Helen Bailey from a lot of web designers choose grey while developing new web sites. Seems grey is as popular as black and white.

Some people think grey is a boring color. Have a look at the grey web designs represented at Would you call them boring? I personally wouldn’t say so. Some grey designs look really inspiring. Don’t they motivate you to build a grey web site?

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Magento Themes: how to get them and why you need them

So let’s start from the very beginning. That is to say what Magento Themes are? Magento Themes are web page designs for Magento web sites and online stores. Note Magento is a new open source application that is used for building incredibly flexible online stores. Building, managing and promoting Magento online stores is really simple because Magento application has wonderful tools for this.

So we’ve found out what Magento online stores are. Let’s go back to Magento Themes. These are themes that are easily integrated with Magento open source shopping cart. For instance the best designs for Flash websites are Flash Web Templates, the best designs for WordPress blogs are WordPress Themes. Following this logic it’s easy to understand that Magento Themes are the best designs for Magento-powered online stores. These themes can be edited to bring your online store an outstanding outlook.

Taking into consideration that Magento is a popular software a lot of people are constantly looking for professionally developed Magento Themes. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of Magento Themes before launched them. Luckily it has happened so Magento developers and online merchants have a lot of Magento Themes to choose from. In other words it becomes possible to create originally-looking online Magento stores.

Here are some Magento Themes which are available at Of course the whole collection is much bigger but these screen shots will show you the way Magento-based online stores can look like.

Keep in mind is a famous templates provider that develops web page designs of a premium quality. So Magento Themes represented at this site are marked by great quality as well.

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Royalty Free Music: listen, enjoy and buy!

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Each day brings something positive and useful! Don’t you agree with this?

For instance this day I’ve found out that a new but still powerful source for web templates, illustrations, 3D models, icon sets and wallpapers has added Royalty Free Music to its product database.

There can be different reasons for you to use Royalty Free Music represented at More likely this music can be used while creating impressive websites, multimedia presentations, computer games, online greeting cards, and etc. Having got any music piece that is available at you can use it in a way you wish; whether you prefer to use it for one project or multiple projects.

Note Royalty Free Music pieces belong to different stiles and genres such as classical, jazz, pop, electronic, rap and etc.

And now let’s speak about the formats for Royalty Free Music:

  • Full Track. It’s a whole music piece that lasts about 2 minutes.
  • Half. It’s a certain part of a music piece that lasts about 1 minute. It’s like a half of a track.
  • Loop. A loop is a piece of music that can be played again and again in a consensus sequence. It lasts longer than Jingle but shorter than Half.
  • Jingle. An impressive music piece that lasts only 2-5 seconds. It’s a perfect choice if you create an advertising message.

You’ll be pleased by the quality and inspiration power of Royalty Free Music available at as well as is its price. Note the price for a music piece depends on its length.

You can visit Royalty Free Music page at in order to listen different music pieces and choose the one to your liking.

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