Slogan contest on

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Think you are a creative person? You have a chance to prove it for others and make sure of it for yourself! Come up with the best slogan for and win prizes for your idea.

It’s reasonable to highlight the prizes you may get for creating the slogan. So you can win either main prize which is equal to 100$ or get the second or the third prize. The second prize is getting 100 credits from which can be use for purchasing any products from this site. The third prize will bring you 100 credits from A good bunch of prizes, don’t you agree?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with I’d like to mention that this site offers everything one need for design such as Web Templates, Clip Art, Illustrations, 3D Models, Icons, Sounds, etc.

Good news for those of you who have registered a free account with Such people will get 4 credits for participating in this contest. So it seems wise to get registered at before presenting your slogan.

Hurry up. The winners will be announced soon! The contest will last till the beginning of August!

So don’t stand still! Offer your slogan for having commented an appropriate post on and get your prize!

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Flash Templates you could just dream of

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A lot of you are already used to apply Flash Templates for building remarkable websites. You may like Flash technologies or not but no on will argue that Flash based websites created by means of Flash Templates look incredibly impressive. I believe everyone who loves Flash will adore new Flash Templates available from now on.

Here is the first template of this kind. It was developed by and there should be new additions of similar templates soon.

And now I’d like to give you a short overview on these new and wonderful templates. Flash Templates I’m speaking about are based on ActionScript3 and created with the PaperVision 3D engine.

To avoid long phrasing I’ll describe main peculiarities of PaperVision 3D Flash Templates to you. These peculiarities are:

– 3D interface;
– no limits for adding sub pages, there can be as much as you want;
– subpages interlinking available:
– changing the design of the template from XML file;
– all sounds are stored as .mp3 files;

PaperVision 3D Flash Templates are easy to customize and it also gives them positive points comparing to the other Flash Templates. No doubt Flash Templates of new generation will enable you to create great websites.

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Summarizing Template Monster’s Lottery

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As I’ve previously mentioned was holding the 4-th of July lottery. The lottery took place from June 26th to July 9th and now it’s over.

First of all it was announced which design has got the largest number of votes and became the winner. It’s the first design which looks exactly like this:

So it’s time to mark the end of the lottery and inform the winners about their great luck.

These days Template Monster contacts those of you who took part in the lottery and have won the main prizes such as gift and discount certificates. Just a short reminder there will be 6 lottery winners and the winners will get such prizes as one Gift Certificate for getting any template from TemplateMonster database for free, two 80% discount coupons and three discount coupons for 50%.

I presume the winners have already found out that they have been lucky to get the main prizes.

My congratulations to all the winners and everyone who has participated in the lottery and won a Free Patriotic Icon set as well as I did.

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Must-Visit Webmaster Resources

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Webmasters are always in search for new trends, web techniques and web design tools.

I’ve came across a very useful article which reveals a lot of webmaster resources. This article contains a bunch of links that lead to various webmaster tools and tutorials.

If you follow the link to the above mentioned article you’ll easily find such web design stuff as photos, CSS galleries, colors, scripts, feeds, etc.

All webmaster resources displayed at this site are divided into different categories. For instance you can find resources on such categories as blogs, affiliate programs, menus and navigation, SEO, page speed test, web standards, hosting, etc.

If you are looking for validators or an article submitter you’ll be able to find them having followed appropriate links. Design news and articles also take a great part in this post.

Web design forums always reflect the latest web design trends. List of 83 Top Webmaster Resources includes links to different designers’ forums and you can join these forums having registered there.

No doubt web developers will enjoy exploring different webmaster resources which are mentioned in the article. So read the above mentioned article and follow the links it includes. Discover top webmaster resources in one place instead of spending hours and hours to find them yourself.

Whether you want to start a web blog or a web site you’ll find it useful to have such a good collection of webmaster resources at your disposal.

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How to create website design from the scratch

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I bet a lot of you guys wouldn’t mind to learn how to build websites. No doubt clear advices are well appreciated. So I’d like to share some useful tutorials with you. These tutorials clarify what one should do in order to create a websites. I think it’s great that web designers don’t mind to share their knowledge with us.

The first tutorial teaches how to create a website design which looks exactly like this.

The second tutorial explains how to create website sub pages in Photoshop.

Note both tutorials are step by step guides with self explaining images. You’ll start from the very beginning and end up by ready made web page designs.

Some people download web designs for free, the others buy them from templates providers. You can learn how to create website designs yourself. Would you loose such an opportunity? I don’t think so. And what is your decision?

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