Cool 3D vehicles

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3D models are more and more often used in website design as well as website templates design. If you are keen on 3D objects you’ll appreciate the recent review I’ve found. This review covers a lot of creative and original vehicle 3D models. Bright pictures and awesome introduction passage below each image of 3D vehicle make this review really captivating.

You can read the review on 3D vehicles here. Note some 3D vehicles are moving! They look like real ones!

Peugeot Allscape

Insect Race Car

ZAZ Corvire 1970


City Tram

Aggressive Red Concept Car

Here is just a small part of vehicle 3D models which have been reviewed on Each picture is like a source of inspiration. I suppose web designers who are well in 3D will find a lot of interesting tips having browsed these pictures.

Note each 3D vehicle is accompanied by a short review which specifies the author and the software which was used for creating a particular 3D object.

So feel free to visit and see the diverse collection of 3D vehicles which will certainly impress you. Bet you!

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Template Monster a famous templates provider celebrates its 6th birthday

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Having surfed today’s press releases I’ve found out that Template Monster has a birthday party today. Just imagine it has been the whole 6 years already since Template Monster appeared on the net offering top-quality web templates. I even doubt if there was any other company which offered this kind of stuff before Template Monster got involved into templates business.

Template Monster celebrates its birthday in a very remarkable way. The case is that official site of Template Monster has been redesigned and now it looks incredibly impressive thanks to widescreen design. See how looks now.

So changing the outlook of the official site was like a first present for all Template Monster’s customers. It’s really pleasant to browse the updated Template Monster’s official site.

Though, the second present can be even more important. Just imagine every product whether a web template, a logo set, a dynamic photo gallery, etc can be purchased with 5% discount.

Considering the fact that Template Monster has a diverse product database it means we can have different web design stuff saving 5% with every purchase.

Note 5% discount for each product from Template Monster will be available till the 28-th of June. So we have one month to enjoy this offer. Why shouldn’t we start using it right away?

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So Beautiful and Free WordPress Themes

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Creative bloggers and web designers are welcomed to take a short trip to Free WordPress Themes.

I’ll show you some attractive examples of WordPress Themes which can be downloaded for free as soon as you follow the link above the picture. Whether you plan to start a personal or commercial online project you can use the themes reviewed in this post without any charge.

If you are a web designer you can be inspired by the examples of WordPress Themes represented below. If you are not well in web design and you just want to find an astonishing WordPress Theme for your blog you can find it here.


Blue Bird 1.0


Smashing Theme


Morning After

These designs will enable you to save your time while building online blog because customizing any template takes less time and efforts than creating one by yourself.

If you were attentive while browsing WordPress Themes displayed above you’ve probably noticed that they differ in design. The case is that my selection includes WordPress Themes of different styles such as clean style, magazine style, experimental style, etc.

Note each link leads to the demo of a certain WordPress Theme. Some links show not only one design but a collection of free WordPress Themes. For instance Autumn WP has been taken from It’s a website where you can also find a good selection of WordPress Themes.

Enjoy using these WordPress Themes while launching a website you wish.

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Free templates providers

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Today I’m going to tell you about a very useful site. I mean This site is a great finding for you in a case you are looking for free templates and those websites which offer free templates. is like a directory to free templates providers. I mean the sites which offer a lot of templates which may be downloaded free of charge.

Having visited you’ll find a plenty of websites which offer free templates. You can also compare free templates represented by different templates providers. Tastes differ as well as web templates providers and the templates they propose you to use while building your websites, online stores, photo galleries, web blogs and online portals.

It seems doesn’t stand for any particular templates provider. So you can enjoy reading short and objective reviews on each free templates provider. 32 sites which have free web templates are already reviewed on this site. So you have a good bunch of resources for free templates to choose from. Some free templates providers have been already mentioned in my previous posts but still there are a lot of them which become obvious for you thanks to

This article as well as the previous articles is one more proof that outstanding web templates can be downloaded for free. And now you know the websites which may provide you with free templates. Explore all free templates providers and make your own decision where to get a free template for your online project. Nevertheless it’ll never be superfluous for you to read licensing options accepted by template provider you prefer.

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Where to find free web templates

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As I’ve mentioned in my previous post free web templates can be great foundations for your design projects. So you shouldn’t be in despair if you want to start a website, online portal or online shop and you don’t have enough money to purchase a web template.

To make a long story short here are more links to such websites where you can find free web templates, free flash templates, free CSS templates, etc.

Don’t waste your time finding online resources for getting free web templates. These resources have been already found and you can enjoy browsing them. So start finding a web template for your website right away. You an also compare all free web templates providers and choose a template to meet your own requirements.

Master Templates

Free Layouts

Free Web Templates

Free Flash Template

Open Source Templates

Open Web Design



Layouts 4 Free


Looks impressive, isn’t it? Feel free to take advantage of these templates while conquering the web. Though, don’t forget to read license agreements described at the above mentioned sites before using these templates.

It’s great if you can customize web templates yourself because it means you’ll be able to turn the template you like into your website completely for free. Even if you aren’t well in web design and templates customization you can hire a professional web developer to help you. No doubt such kind of help will cost you less than custom made web page design and you also save while getting a web template for free instead of buying it.

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